Why a transsexual shouldn’t join Miss Universe

Ok I know that my opinion is contradictory to most of you who are going to read this article, and especially if you are a transsexual woman yourself. You will say that my opinion goes with the opinion of all the haters who don’t want to see a transsexual woman joining a beauty pageant for genetic girls (GGs, like we call them) because they are homophobic or such. Yes, the bottom line is: I don’t think that transsexual women should join beauty pageants meant for real girls. But my argumentation is different…

Last month it exploded like a bomb when the whole world heard the news that a Canadian transsexual model, Jenna Talackova, was competing for Miss Universe Canada. However she was disqualified when MUC (Miss Universe Canada) finds out that she was a post-op transsexual. But her dream of being a beauty queen didn’t end here. She fought for her right as a women to join MUC, and she did well since MUO (Miss Universe Organization) finally announced that transsexual women are welcome to join the Miss Universe pageants. So now Jenna is an official candidate vying for the Miss Universe Canada crown and has the chance to join Miss Universe 2012 (the world class pageant) if ever she wins the Canadian competition.

Miss Universe Canada are doing no good for rights equality

It’s actually all the opposite. Why? Because MUO accepts Jenna as a women but not as a transsexual women. Jenna talackova is a post-op tanssexual (see difference between post-op, pre-op and non-op). There is nothing wrong in being a post-op transsexual woman, if you follow my blog you know that I respect and admire them. Being post-op (undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery) is actually one of the requirement to be legally considered a woman in countries like Canada. But does it make Jenna Talackova a real woman? No she is still a transsexual woman, it’s her nature, it’s where she comes from, and she is probably proud of it. What if Jenna Talackova was a non-op transsexual, what is she still had her penis and had no plans to get rid of it? Would she be alllowed to join Miss Universe? I doubt it.

This actually means that only post-op TS women (TS women who have undergone SRS) can compete for Miss Universe and not the others. Is that equality? I believe not. If Jenna Talackova, who is a post-op transsexual woman, is accepted to join Miss Universe, how about the non-op transsexual women? I don’t believe that transsexuals who make the choice to keep their penis (and that’s a very private and intimate choice) don’t deserve less respect or less rights than those who undergo SRS. Equality is to accept transsexuals the way they are, with the choices they make. It’s not to force them to comply to a standard. Will it come a time when transsexuals will not be accepted anymore unless they do SRS?

What would really be good for rights equality for transsexuals

If we want equality for transsexuals, then I believe we should show it in a bigger perspective. I mean we should accept, show same respect and grant same rights to all the transsexual women, whether they are pre-op, post-op or non-op. My proposition is to create a pageant that is as big as Miss Universe that would be for transsexual women only. To consider transsexual pageants as much as we consider traditional pageants. Because transsexualism is not a little thing anymore, it’s not anymore a taboo. No it’s very present and growing, and it’s also diversifying (not all transsexuals plan to do SRS, they want to be accepted even though they keep their male genitals) and so are and should be human rights considerations.

I know most of you in the transsexual community disagree with my point of view and consider the decision of MUO to be an advance in rights equality. My point of view might shock and I understand, especially coming from a man who has a ladyboy girlfriend. Comments are open, I believe many of you would like to debate about it 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Why a transsexual shouldn’t join Miss Universe

  1. of course, coz she is a woman, some transgender says they don’t agree coz there are also pageant meant for them. She’s no longer a transgender but a transexual!

    If i feel like a woman, already transtion to be the woman i am it’s my right! who the hell are the poeple to stop me so no matter where we see it, it’s really discrimination wven they say not really in a discriminating way… Just because she is not born naturally female she cant join even she is a woman now… read between the lines, deny it or remain silent but if you are against it discriminatory,if i meet the requirements that’s why donald trump let her compete again.

    Transgender (some of them) dont agree coz they are still not like genna who are very feminine who meet the requirements i know where jenna is coming from so i am with her side, even the attorney who help her is a woman see, it’s from a woman will of heart to help her, some transgender who said she shouldn’t compete are not even seem to take hormones duh!

    But for transpinay they all agree with it, they are in favour of Jenna coz they are transexual, miss tiffany universe and other trans pageant are made because trans woman have worries that they might be discrimiated when joining MU. Just like what happen to jenna

    I already argued with so many people online about this coz they are against it which they would never understand. they even use the Bible or take the name of the lord in vain. hmmmmm once a narrow minded will always a narrow minded coz the way the present their opinion there is no sense of acceptance put restriction, put of disagreement and they take God’s name? Do you think God is happy not understanding human own kind and their life suffering and experience just to be legally accepted as a woman… men and woman can just say she cannot join coz they dont know where jenna is coming from, they dont know what he went through just to be who she is.

    If i am in jenna’s shoe, and i meet the requirements, i will try to join, take the risk coz i meet the requirements all i need to do is do my best, walk the walk and answerthe question and compete further, this is survival of the FITTEST! If woman disagree it’s either insecurity or afraid to be bitten by a transwoman which is very childish, compete and win it, just fair.

    Now if she dont win coz people are against it who cares at least she join for what her heart want her to do,not about what people may say.

    It’s aslo like having a ladyboy GF, you do that because you want it and you dont care what people will say, besides whatever they say if you are already sure about it you will still do it, right? why depend on what they will say if it wont make u happy, that’s the essense!

    It’s not just for people at all to decide if she will join or not but if she will win coz votes will be counted but it’s not just the criteria at all. It’s still the president and the organizer who will give way to her fame, as you will decide for yourself to be with a ladyboy as well, not you parent, friends or so.

  2. I dont agree on this. Yes I understand what youre saying but this is just the start. Spain had just legallized TG girls to have female papers even they dont have SRS/GRS yet. So this is just a step by step process. Soon even pre op and non op TG girls would be able to compete! This is a start of a new era and this shes breaking a barrrier. Im so happy for this. TG woman are woman whether they are post, pre or non op 🙂

    • Yeah that’s actually the point of my article, I believe that the discrimination pre-op/post-op is not gonna resolve the more general discrimination genetic girl/transsexual woman. However, the rules of Miss Universe Canada are only in favour of the post-op TS, leaving aside the pre-op or simply non-op (why would you all want to get operated, after all?).

      I dream of a world where we would all be equal, whether we pass unnoticed in the crowd or whether we look eccentric. But I have good hope for the future, really 🙂 I know it will take time, but I believe it’s on the good way.

  3. I would also add this: it’s unfair for genetic girls if TS are allowed to compete, because they are so much sexier than genetic girls :p

  4. well, surgery is also happening for girls in Miss Universe what’s unfair in that… is it bad to be beautiful? that’s why cosmetology and cosmetic surgeons are there to do the job, you have the money you can achieve the beauty. This is not about who’s sexier or look more authentic beauty is dynamic. it’s how you carry yourself and use your mind… now to say that TS are sexier than woman that’s why they cant join or it’s unfair is already a discrimination. TS are not born genetically woman so they use new technology and discoveries to make them self look like one coz they are suppose to be that way, no to be fair then let this real woman beautify more themselves then, let’s watch the competition… the word unfair is is not right, INSECURITY maybe, coz if real girls dont want her to join i think they are just afraid to be bitten by a trasexual woman! Sorry but this is a beauty pageant, all who join has beauty and body, it’s a matter of how you carry yourself and answer the question…. Look at it this way, what if one of the candidate has a super perfect body and face that you cant even imagine she’s a living doll, but she doesn’t know how to project, walk, and cant answer the question thrown to her well, she wont win… So beauty is beauty, body is body, brain is brain, put them together sure you win.

  5. The requirement for GRS has often been used for legal change of gender status, symptomatic of the genital-centric view of gender which polluted the world. In some cases, this has been a stepping stone for non-GRS gender status change policies.

    I wouldn’t argue that gender status change, nor pageant entry is wrong, just because a bad policy exists for accreditation at this point in time. That said, I don’t think it’s the job of government to determine inclusion and exclusion policies of private organizations. I tend to think that public awareness will lead to greater inclusion and a less genital-centric perspective on female inclusionism.

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