Why do Filipino ladyboys prefer foreigners

I believe this is a big question for every foreigner looking for true love in Asia. Is it all about your money, or is there something more? Of course I would not write this article if it was just about your money… But if it’s p4p girls that you are looking for, of course you will have no problems in finding them here in Philippines, and even more easily in Thailand!

But I prefer this article to talk about love and serious relationship, since I believe this is the key of true happiness. I want also to focus on Filipino ladyboys, since it’s the field that I know the best and I don’t want to bullshit you around with my half-knowledge about Thailand!

Important: pleaseΒ acknowledgeΒ beforehand that I am talking about my own western point of view and what I socially experienced here in the Philippines. I am not stupid enough to generalise that all Filipinos and all foreigners are like I describe in this article.

Foreigners are trendy

We have a different culture, that’s for sure. Why do we westerners like Asian girls? Because they are different from the girls we have in our home country, because they are exotic, and for many other reasons that make Asian girls attractive to us. It’s the same thing for the other way around. A foreigner in the Philippines will stand out of the crowd because he’s different. More white, usually taller, moreΒ extrovert, more “alpha male” maybe…

It’s the old adage that everything that is rare is valuable. Foreigners in the Philippines are a rare resource (just like Asian ladyboys are in US and Europe), so they are more fancied.

Foreigners can give true love and commitment

For the girls who are not gold diggers, this is the first reason why they prefer foreigners (let’s understand, westerners or men who have a western culture). Because there is one thing that you should know about Filipino men; even if they fantasise on transsexual women as much as we westerners do, they have a much lower tendency to like being in a serious relationship with a TS. I’ll repeat that Philippines is a Roman Catholic country, and their people are very strong believers and conservative people. Families might not accept easily that their son has a ladyboy girlfriend, and they also might feel a bit of inner guilt towards God?

Filipino ladyboys say that foreigners, on the other hand, are more open minded and likely to commit with a special girl, ready to introduce them to family and friends (I must admit it’s more easy when you have a very passable and beautiful Filipino ladyboy girlfriend!) and have a long term relationship.

Oh and there is also this behaviour that my friends reported sometimes, when a local Filipino man is going out with a ladyboy in order to financially depend on her. Money, cellphone loads, restaurants and drinks … that is the price if they want to have a local boyfriend!

But foreigners can also give more security and stability

The second reason why Filipino ladyboys would prefer having a foreign boyfriend is because of course they are more likely to ensure more financial security and stability in their relationship.

Philippines is a poor country, with a very big gap between the very poor and the very rich. Note that not all the ladyboys here are poor, far from that! You will find them in every layer of the society. And even the girls from rich family or the girls with a successful career will be as much likely to prefer hooking up with a foreigner! Indeed, they don’t really want to have a boyfriend who depends on them…

But there is also maybe this cultural difference that a proportion of Filipinos live day by day, without really planning anything long term. You know, that very laid back tendency that “if it can be done tomorrow, I’ll just do it next month”. I actually like that state of mind, it’s a so very pleasant attitude when I exit the busy Makati (central business district of Manila) for going to the province for relaxing. But I know that westerners have a different mindset regarding this. We are more concerned and afraid of the future, more stressed of the “what ifs”. When I was born, my mom already opened a savings account for me with 10 euros on it, and ever since I was taught how to be wise and practical. At 18 I met with my banker who was talking about short/medium/long term plans for the future… Society tells us that if we are not hardworking and if we don’t own our house by 40, we are losers. It’s in our culture, we are taught to follow a safe path, we are formatted for this. At least more than Filipinos are. And I believe it’s an inner trait that Filipino ladyboys are aware of and appreciate.

So, can a relationship with an Asian ladyboy work?

If there is one thing that I can assure you, it’s that nothing is never assured with love. I believe it can work, since I am myself living a long relationship with a Filipino ladyboy. But you must be wise, of course there is something wrong if you are 50 and your girlfriend is only 18 and lives in a slum. It can be win-win relationship (you get a young girlfriend, she gets financial support) but is it what you are looking for, or are you looking for something better, are you looking for true love?

Well, this is going beyond the topic of this article, so I’ll save my thoughts for another one πŸ™‚ I just hope that article will give you moreΒ enlightenmentΒ over the Asian (and more especially Filipino) culture and reasons why Filipino ladyboys are often looking for a foreign boyfriend. Comments and remarks are always very welcome!

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here https://howtodatealadyboy.com and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there https://myladyboydate.com

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66 thoughts on “Why do Filipino ladyboys prefer foreigners

  1. great article! i am gay but i dont dress like a girl (even if i love to) because of my dad. maybe this is the reason why i am not getting a foreign boyfriend. i prefer foreign boyfriend because foreigners are open minded compare to some filipino guys. you’re right when you said that filipino guys depend on ladyboys/gays financially. you cannot get into serious relationship with local guy without money involve. i find this reality disturbing. i want someone to love me and accept me for what i am. and i think i can have it with a foreign boyfriend.

  2. Im a t-girl and still starting on my transition. For me this is very true. As a filipina Trans girl it helped me a lot. Thanks Simon! πŸ™‚

  3. I enjoy reading your website. I certainly hope that a long term relationship with a ladyboy is possible but I have heard that they have mood swings because of hormones. . In two years I will be living in Thailand or The Philippines, I guess I will know at that moment if it is possible. There is no beautiful ladyboys in my country.
    You start most of your articles with pictures of beautiful ladyboys. Are they ladyboys that you know?


    • Thanks for your comment Greg πŸ™‚ For sure you will have great fun in Thailand or Philippines! Where is your home country?

      As for the pictures, I never post pictures of my friends, I prefer to post pictures of celebrities, porn stars or even random pictures form Google.


  4. I live Ottawa, Canada, the land of the cold πŸ™ I have been in Thailand and I love it for many reasons, one of them being ladyboys. However it is difficult to meet ladyboys that do not work in bars because they don’t speak much English. I think it would be easier to find a regular ladyboy in The Philippines because everybody speaks English there. So I may end up staying in The Philippines unless I try to learn Thai.. I have also seen some pretty ladyboys from Malaysia but I would not like to live there.


    • That’s also the reason why I prefer Philippines over Thailand: everybody speak english here. The proportion of ladyboys is apparently lower than in Thailand, but it’s still very VERY high.

      Good luck for your projects, keep us updated, we might have a drink if you pass by Manila πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Greg, i would love to get to know you! If Simon can’t help me, then I’d rather help myself. hope to hear from you. Maybe Simon can provide you my info.

  6. This is really good!
    Coming from a foreigner and i think based on the experience of the writer, Filipino ladyboys do not go after the money. I strongly believe that this statement is true. Just like any other woman, ladyboys look for security, stability, understanding and most especially love. It is very rare for them to have this with a Filipino man.
    Thank you for this article ladyboy lover.

  7. ahm excuse me sir,

    but not all of the ladyboys here in the Philippines are actually the same of what you have mentioned in the article…

    • Yeah Rhian, that’s for sure, I even have friends who are a Filipino couple, and it works so well and the Filipino guy doesn’t fit with the stereotype that I describe.

      On my personal experience though (and the numerous talks I had with Filipino ladyboys), I believe that the general trend is still what I describe ^^ But you’re right, everyone on this planet is a snow flake: fabulous and UNIQUE.

  8. This article is actually just base on your opinion and cant be a general truth. Most Filipina TS girls i know whos into foreigners is because of their money. And also a big factor because its usually only those foreigners who appreciate their beauty. Most stunning beautiful and well off Filipina trans girls have Filipino bf. Most not so good looking Filipina trans girls go for Western guys

    • Oh yeah I cannot say it’s a general truth, there is no general truth when we’re talking about human beings, you’re right.

  9. Dear Simon Enjoyed reading your web page very informative,because I like you are no stranger to the world of the ladyboy,nor the Philippines either.I have found the ladyboy of my dreams in c.d.o Mindanao.I have been in contact with her for about 18 months and i hope to take the plunge early next year to spend time to get to know her and her family.
    I hope your relationship is strong and going well,again great web site
    many thanks
    David Foord

    • Thanks for your comment David and hope your relationship with your girlfriend from CDO will be fruitful and last long. If you pass by Manila and want to have a drink, drop me a line πŸ˜‰

    • I assume you mean Cagayan de Oro. I spent the last 5 winters in Mindanao, near Dipolog City. My lb gf there was very much into money and as I unfortunately found out she also like teen boys (she is 41 and very good looking)

  10. Thanks for article Simon, it’s a great topic, and I respect your opinions and advice. Of course there are many that will disagree because it is such a broad topic with so many variables.
    I myself (a foreigner male) have been considering a long term relationship with a ladyboy for a long time.
    I have been to Philippines several times and expect to go back in 2 weeks.
    I have met quite a few ladyboys…yes…there was sex involved with most but not all….and yes…there was money involved also.
    It is impossible to catergorize the ladyboys or the foreiners that meet each other.
    There are lot of foreigners that just want sex and there is a lot of ladyboys that just want money.
    I think that much is true.
    However, there ARE foreigners that want to experience a relationship and the love that sometimes, only a ladyboy can give.
    And there are ladyboys that honestly want the love and security that a relationship with a foreigner can bring them and their family.

    The HARDEST part is working out who REALLY wants what!
    And that applies to both sides.

    Asian and Foreigner cultures are VERY different.
    I believe LOVE has different priorities for both.
    Neither one is right or wrong, its just the way it is.

    It is all about compromise (in my view)….

    I had 2 very different experiences last time I was in Phils.

    I met a ladyboy online, she was very serious about her work, and getting ahead by working hard (fashion and promotion)…I really admired her for this….the first night together we talked a long time, and eventually …yes..there was sex involved…. she stayed the night and it was very nice and comfortable for both of us.. money was not discussed, however I offered to cover her transport costs etc as she had travelled quite a distance.
    We were together for 4 days, we joked, laughed, had fun….. on the last morning before I left we had an emotional goodbye and promised to meet again soon.
    Then I discovered all my money was gone.

    NOW PLEASE…I dont need advice or to be told Im stupid or blah blah blah OK? … I’m not complaining, I’m just using this as an example of how hard it is to find a true relationship.

    It IS hard….
    For ladyboys…yes, many foreigners just want short time and sex…but many some are just trying to find the right girl for a relationship…you cant do that without being together…right?

    And there-in lies one of the problems.
    The ladyboys think ALL the guys just want sex.
    The guys think ALL the ladyboys just want money.

    I dont have the answers, wish I did!

    I’m no angel, and I’m not a rich guy, but I’m still hoping I can find the right one for me .

    Thanks for the opportunity to say my piece πŸ™‚

    • I am the one who should thank you for sharing your story, that will be very instructive for any man reading this blog.

      I think you sum it all very well with this:
      “The ladyboys think ALL the guys just want sex.
      The guys think ALL the ladyboys just want money.”

    • I agree with u Bee Jay, not all ladyboys are looking for long term relationship some are just looking for fun and pleasure and some were just their work.
      I’m a ladyboy from philippines I’m not biased I’m just weighing between ladyboys having a relationship with foreigners. I agree as well that other foreigners are just here to play, flirt and have sex with so many ladyboys, based on my own experience. But one thing i want to say to all foreign guys looking for a relationship to a ladyboy in the philippines, “Use the mind first before your heart”…and hoping to find the right foreign guy for me..
      Good luck and I love reading the articles and the comments..

  11. Hi there great info I am very serious looking for a filipino lady boy for long term relationship and more i had a relationship with a filipino girl but unfortunately it didnt work out and through various web site and dating sites i saw ladyboys and have become more and interested and attracted to them i am unfortunately not in the position to travel overseas just yet to try and meet some ladyboys so if there is anyone who reads this site and knows of any ladyboys in new south wales,australia ( south coast ) it would be great to hear from them and simon if you know of any sites or groups it would be appreciated and simon when i do travel overseas i will be looking for some advice….thanks keeps up the good work.

    • hi Jet, can we be good friends..? i came from Philippines but living here now in UAE – Middle East, if interested just pm me in my e-mail add (da_sexy_aves14@yahoo.com.ph) and will talk more from there.. regards.. πŸ˜‰

  12. hi gud day… i am kent acuin from philippines, yes i agree with ur article written above, as i know that most of the local guy here in our country always ask in return just like money which is not my type. i do prefer a foreign man coz they don’t need our money coz they are stable enough in life… i’d been in a lot of gay or ladyboy website to find a man who can be my partner for the rest of my life but nothing i can find… simomn do u have any guy friends who want a ladyboy gorlfriend? u can give my skype name to them, kate4543 ty and more power to ur article.

  13. – when i read ur article Simon,u know what happened? my tears fell unnoticed because i felt touched about it,
    am already 34, and never had a foreign BF in flesh ever!? not all local guys want money but just sex based on my experience. Simon, advise me abouT this- i have an online bf b4 frm canada, we chatted and xchanging gifts for 3years.. it came 2 a point that i want him in person but he had no plans of meeting me,so i dumped him even it hurts my feelings, and today i found another guy frm Germany, we were chatting for 5 months now,and am worried that this will also end up like my past relationshp, because he also dont give a word about meeting me. I JUST WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE I AM COMFORTABLE WITH.. what should i do? b4 i’ll start to have a ‘real’ commitments with him?
    btw, i want to know that guy name Beejay, Whose name appears above. his traits are the things that i want in a guy. thanks Simon. have a great day.

  14. Hello Simon! I am a Filipino Ladyboy who has been trying my luck with foreign guys since I was just a little boy. Now, you can never trace my masculinity just upon staring at me. (Joke) As per reading your post, it is very correct that the guys I met here are only after my money. I am tired with these kinds of affairs that is why I am not giving up in my search for this very open minded guy to love and accept me the way I am. I am not rich but all the people living in my house are true loving and caring and that’s what makes my home wealthy. πŸ™‚ If any of you guys want to chat sometime, my YM addy is bretel10. We can be friends but please I do not have money to spare. Thanks and God Bless us all! πŸ™‚


  15. I enjoyed your article thanks it was very thorough. I have not read all the comments yet. I just want to add an experience that I had with a few actually more than a few ladyboys that I liked…without exception all of them aske for money even those who had jobs and came from a relatively good family, one of them said to me: ” good luck finding a ladyboy who will love you or spend time with you without cash..” Well she was wrong I did finally meet a couple of ladynoys who just wanted to be with me spend tme with me didn’t ask for money… One of them asked in a shy manner just enough for the cab to get back home and I was happy to help her, when I offered to buy her dinner she refused and said she wanted to have dinner with her family…

    What I’m trying to say is that because of financial hardship that most Filipinos have to endure on daily basis ( which we take for granted) many things that are considered by us non Filipinos mostly living in Western cultures as a scam, for them they are considered as just another way to survive. Some take this a little too far like local guys who take advantage of ladyboys in the Phil demanding cash in return for a little bit of feelings of love acceptance or lust.
    Ladyboys are not necessarily more attracted to us foreign guys because they think we look better or we are better lovers ( mind you I was told us foreigners seemed to be more open accepting and adventurous in bed than the local Filipino guys),.. Ladyboys seem to like us foreigners better because they know the love we give them is not conditional and as you mentioned they feel a certain degree of security being with us… They want to have a “real man” like any other woman does…

    But the fact that most ladyboys in the Phil treated me like a customer looking for sex and demanding cash from me was annoying to me and I think it was their hypocricy on their part. They were doing to me what the filipino local boys did to them…

    So I hope my dear Filipina ladyboys are reading this…


    • actually I never experienced this, but I spent a lot of time in the provinces. I felt that a lot of ladyboys there like or want to have a foreigner as a bf because it is a status symbol to them

  16. HI – Great site and good pointers on Ladyboys. One more reason “apart from the Exotic” as to why many Western Men go for East-Asian (Thai/Filipino) Ladyboys (as opposed to Western Ladyboys), is because in general they are much more feminine than Western Ladyboys, it maybe due to Natural Genetics, but also culture. I’ve generally found many Western (and sorry I realise I am generalising), despite being “Female” they still act very masuline, which is a big turn-off (for me anyway). Certainly on average Filipino Ladyboys are much more Family Orientated / Feminine and Demure, thus being much more of the “Lady” rather than the boy. Just my opinion.

    • Excellent Point rick.. I too have noticed that South East Asian LB, look and act so feminine, compared to Western LB. Latin Ladyboys are somewhere inbetween. I think its definitely Genetics BUT culture plays a big role. Radical Feminism has not corrupted South East Asia (yet), however many Western Women act masculine “tough”, so how can we expect Ladyboys (that use to be men) act more feminine than real/genetic women, and in the west that is increasingly acting like “One of the boys” :o(
      Just my 2 Cents… If you are Interested in a Serious LTR/Marriage go for a South East Asian (Filipino) ladyboy! Thanks

  17. Good Day Mr. Simon
    Hi this is Louie from Cebu, Philippines. I am thankful that Id accidentally clicked/visited your article. Now I am more confident to pursue my dreams to become a ladyboy which I’d just started this year by taking Hormones to look like female. This article makes me believed that I can be loved and accepted for what I am (well my parents accepted me for who/what I am) but quite scared that on my decision to pursue my dreams, there are people who won’t like me. Actually, I looked liked a girl when I was 16 years old but I came up with the decision to finished my studies first before pursuing my dreams to be a ladyboy so I looked like straight normal guy until I finished my 2 year vocational course in nursing. Now I started to get back to what I started before. I am researching on what hormones that could fit and make me look more feminine (but in my status right now, i just started to take anti-androgen pills). I’ve been to a relationship with straight acting white gay guys before that lasted few years (I cannot state here all the information. hehehehe). I guess it might be to long if I will be stating all the things I’ve been through.

    With regard in my situation right now, I want to know someone who can educate me more about ladyboy, gives me advice and what to take in (like hormones), and provide me mental and physical support/advice.

    You can reach me at joshgabby2000@yahoo.com

  18. Hi Simon,
    I love your article very much! i
    am also a ladyboy from the Philippines and finding a LTR here with a local is really hard to find.
    Until now i am still seeking for a foreign man that i hope can be with me for long term and of course for true love. I have tried many networking sites but i never find my luck. Sometimes they want me to be on webcam naked which i dont prefer because i feel like im a pornstar. Sex for me is sacred, and i will only do it if i have found the right one for me ( Yes theres still a ladyboy whose really a virgin and conservative).
    I hope thru your blog i can finally meet the man of my dreams.

    More power! πŸ˜‰

  19. How naive can people be? Of course they’re after money. Granted, there are some who might have interest in a guy even if he has the self-dignity (or inability) to NOT pay for all their bills, needs, wants and desires. I cannot say I blame them necessarily. If a woman who thought with her ovaries instead of her brain offered me free money like a sap, I am not sure if I could turn that down.

  20. Hi Simon! Nice article you have here.
    I’m not a transgender; i’m a crossdresser and I did not have any surgeries nor I take hormones. I honestly would not want that. Nevertheless, I agree with everything you said and I agree that most of Filipino ladyboys (and girls) actually, prefer foreign partners pretty much because of financial stability. But I’m telling you, Filipinos are die-hard lovers (in general).

    I myself prefers a foreign lover over a local. Not because I’m financially incapable but because I want a man with a different culture. I work as a professional and I earn for a living but it’d be happier if I share my life with someone who’s willing to love me back, especially foreigners. Gob bless you. πŸ˜‰

  21. I’m a biological Asian-American woman. I would like to know what interests all of you to be attracted to Asian ladyboys (especially if you are a white male)? The exterior appearance? Interior appearance? Etc? After all, they’re men who resemble women whether they’ve gone through surgery or not. It’s very intriguing to me. Please explain this. Speak your mind.

    • Hi, Asian ladyboys have much for attracting males… If you compare to European transsexual women, of course the first difference is physical. Asian ladyboys are more petite, have more natural feminine features, thin arms, thin legs and a pretty face…

      On the interior, they are generally (that’s my experience) more balanced, happy and positive. This comes from the fact that Asian societies are very accepting and tolerant towards them (by opposition in the west discrimination and reject is higher, which translates into more psychological issues for western transsexuals).

      If you question also why men like transsexual women as a whole (not just Asians), the first answer would be sexual preference for sure (why do straight men look for biological women? why do gay men look for other men? it’s sexual preference. There are men whose sexual preference is transsexual women). And of course, they are usually feminine, beautiful and sexy. Unlike biological women, they don’t take their femininity for granted and make efforts to look stunning. Second would be an admiration for their strength and courage I guess, transwomen are strong people with all the challenges they have to overcome. I feel also a more special connection with trans women, I understand them better than I understand biological women (women are the biggest mystery of all times, is it not?).

  22. Simon,
    I would like to disagree with your replied comment of biological women taking their femininity for granted and not making their efforts to look stunning. I, for example, do make myself look stunning and definitely do not take my femininity for granted. I would like to say I’m a fairly attractive female inside and out. Your stereotype of biological women must be jaded. I’m not here to attack you but to set you straight about your views of biological women. Maybe you meant SOME biological women take their femininity for granted and SOME biological women do not take their time to look stunning. We, as biological women, are constantly being stereotyped by the inferior gender. And to say we, as biological women, do not hold our womanhood as well as ladyboys is a far fetched opinion. I’m sure you will have comment(s) added to this below.

    Also, another question is: if you (using you as a general term) are in preference to ladyboys, how come you favor their “feminine” exterior? Their “feminine” personality? Their “feminine” lifestyle? But yet they have a penis. Is this not hypocritical considering you (again using you as a general term) are either gay or bisexual? I will never understand the QGLBT community because I do not fall in any of those catergories. I do, however, support the community and have for a very long time. I just find white men loving ladyboys so very interesting. This may be due to my being Asian-American and dating a White-American male. I have always found interracial dating intriguing. But more or so, white men taking a significant liking to Asian ladyboys.

    • Hi Gina, great having the comment of a biological woman for once πŸ˜€ Yes I apologise if my statements appear like generalisations. Of course there is diversity in every community or category of people, and I don’t doubt you don’t take your femininity for granted (and also many other women), and I don’t doubt there are ladyboys who don’t give a shit about their femininity either.

      Though from the people I met in my life, in average, I observe that this is often the case though.

      Your second question is very interesting πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t say “hypocritical” but rather maybe “paradoxal”. Yes there must be a paradox about liking femininity and penises at the same time. I don’t really care about labels, but I don’t think “gay” and “bisexual” are accurate labels for talking about men like me. In 95% of the cases, gays like men who look like men, they like masculinity, and are not attracted to transsexuals because they’re too feminine. And at the same time, men who like transsexuals are rarely attracted to men. You can argue that “straight” is not the right label either. Maybe a separate label would do? I don’t believe sexuality is as simple as either straight or gay, there are many other possibilities, like a spectrum. There are actually non official existing terms for this: trans oriented, trans attracted, admirer, tranny chaser (the two latter are pretty pejorative).

  23. Hi Simon. Let me start with saying that I just bought your book the second I saw this.

    This subject have been interesting me alot, I have always been attracted to asians, girls or ladyboys is the same for me. But I do also think that their man genitalia looks so beautyful on a female body, and I have never known why. I am not gay, a male body doesnt turn me on the slightest.

    I considering myself quite avarage for my country, I dont have a bachelor but I make more money than all my educated friends, education doesnt really pay of in sweden, in most cases. I am shy when it comes to move a relationship forward but I dont really have problems with the meeting and getting dates. But however I dont really find europeans sexy, I dont know why that is.

    But I am a little old fashion when it comes meeting ladys, I dont have sex with anyone I dont really like and think there could be more. Sex is a really strong attachment for me, and I am a sensitive guy.

    The think I have noticed while chatting with a few lb is that they usally have more personallity, more interests of their own than a born female had from those countries. I think this is becouse most women are learned from early age that their only purpose in life is to be there for their man.

    Also, I searching for a asian partner in my own age 30 (27-33). So I dont really want a party girl, I want a family partner that loves me the same as I do to her. But I have noticed that many online girls tend to say what they think you want to her to be. I dont know if thats becouse they want to be a good future wife or becouse that they like you.

    It makes me sad to turn down all youngers looking for love, or someone to save them from poverty, The ones I have been chatting with seems really nice and kind people with hope for a better future. And it hurt to think that westerns exploit this.

    To sum up this way to long text. I have relized that it will be a lot harder than I would think to find a true love in asia. But to bring some light about the asian culture. The fact that an asian woman seeks a man with a stable wallet is not only for thailand and philli. You can go to the richer countries like Japan as well, they also looking for a gentleman but its the wallet that weight the most, becouse they also want somebody to support them and their children. Not all of them but most of them.

    I have one very strong though that been bothering me but noone talks about… How does ladyboys age ? Dont get me wrong, I would never be with someone I dont love, but if in the 50s he turns to a old man with beard I fear that I would not find her attractive anymore.

    I would love to have your guidance if I would need it, would that be ok ? Its hard to find decent men discussing this area.

    • Hi Johan! Thanks for your message, sorry for the delayed reply. You’re the type of guy I really like to exchange with (not the average European pervert that goes to Asia to fulfil his fantasies and believes he’s the king there).

      Interesting question: how do ladyboy age? I seriously don’t know. It seems that ladyboys don’t live longer than 35 – 40 years old, because I never see older ladyboys than this. Even on my dating site (http://myladyboydate.com) we have a very few ladyboy members above 40 yo, the median age for our ladyboy members is clearly in the 20s. IMO some possible reason to this are:

      1. Either they can’t afford the maintenance after a certain age and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep their level of femininity, and they switch back to being a gay guy / femboy / queer. I know some of them do that.

      2. Either they hide. They don’t want to be associated with the trans community anymore, they try to blend with biological women as much as possible. I know of “ladyboys” who get their SRS, then marry a European / American guy who is clueless of her past, and blend with the rest of the women.

      3. Either they commit suicide. Let’s not forget being transgender is not an easy thing.

      But the world is making progress! The ladyboy of 2014 is luckier than the ladyboy of 1980, in terms of medical science, surgery, medicines, psychological balance and society acceptance. I bet the ladyboy of 2014 has more chances to age well.

      For what I understand, after a ladyboy gets SRS, she doesn’t produce testosterone anymore (which is responsible for hair growth and the appearance of the male features). Same thing if she gets hormone replacement therapy, which she can extend for life, she shall theoretically not have beard whatever her age.

  24. Hi Simon πŸ™‚ I really apriciate all the comments … I am a Transexual / Ladyboy my name is miki from manila philippines and until now still waiting for the right one for me πŸ™‚ I really hope this comment would help me πŸ™‚

  25. I love this article.It is almost the same in everywhere.
    I am in Laos.I have never seen any ladyboy has a boyfriend.If they have of course guys just want the money because most of the ladyboys here are rich.I heard guys talked bad things about ladyboy and gay people.
    I am not a ladyboy any way,but I am gay.

    • Hi Nut! Interesting input about Laos, thanks πŸ™‚ Furthermore, I have never been to Laos, I would love to visit and discover the culture and the LGBT scene, see if there is something to do to help them!

  26. Hi Simon, I have read a lot of your articles and find them very interesting and helpful, I wanted to meet a ladyboy since i was 18 and first became aware they existed, I am a quiet shy person and never really got anywhere with girls in my country (UK), girls here are very demanding and in my experience are very laddish in there ways – drinking and swearing and always wanting.
    I did meet a girl from Kenya and we had a fast relationship and got married but this only lasted one year before it broke down due to her constant drinking and partying and general lack of respect towards me, after this breakup i decided that i would try and date a ladyboy for the first time as it was what i wanted since 18 so i joined a dating site and chatted to a lot of ladyboys for a year or so. I went on holiday to Thailand with the aim to meet a ladyboy for serious relationship but found that the Thai ladyboys are very much money focused, they have been treated like sex objects for so long that the ones I met were programmed to short term sex for money and couldn`t believe i wanted more than that, there were a lot of ‘plastic’ ladyboys with oversized boobs and enhancements and surgery and in the end i came away after my holiday with some nice new experiences sex wise but ultimately not what i was looking for.
    Now of course i enjoyed the sex but i was frustrated because if you want to date a thai ladyboy you basically have to support them and there family with replacement funding, and i dont think i could trust the thai ladyboys not to go back to work anyway the next day, my brother met a girl there and she was very nice but at the end of the holiday she said she was pregnant and wanted money for the baby, he was in love so gave her money then and then sent some out from england, when he went back 4 months later to visit she wasn`t pregant and had had lots of foreigner boyfriends, so he broke up with her and met another girl, he had a three week fling with her, she promised him she loved him, so he sent money over again to her and went back 6 months later and on the third day back she brought him some deeds to her parents house for him to pay for!
    What i get from this is that Thais are very much money orientated and seem to be so badly treated by foreigners over the years that they act to protect themselves and when a genuine nice person looking for a real relationship comes along they don`t believe them.
    I went the other way than my brother and started chatting to a Filippino ladyboy, I decided to visit the Philippines instead of Thailand and went over there to meet my online ladyboy girlfriend, she lives in a town called Mexico in Pampanga and i met her in Manila, we stayed there a night and then went to Borocay for 5 nights, then went to Angeles for 3 nights which is near Mexico, I met her family while in Angeles and all i can say is i found the whole ladyboy attitude and culture much nicer and laid back, she is a hairdresser/make up artist and her ladyboy friends are in similar jobs, working in salons, there isn`t the prostitute culture of Thailand where almost every ladyboy is of that ilk, there are of course prostitutes on the street in Manila and Boracay and plenty more in Angeles that i saw but on the whole ladyboys are more in the background and not in your face.
    I did chat with plenty of ladyboys before my trip and a lot of them almost immediately wanted money sent over or laptops (so we can chat outside internet cafe), once these ladyboys start on that path i moved on, its very frustrating as they all think you are rich and have money to burn, but as i say i eventually found the right one.
    From our conversations what you said is right, Filippino men expect the ladyboys to look after them financially and treat them badly on the whole, my girlfriend had a filippino boyfriend who she went out with for about 5 years and she looked after him, then she found out he had a girlfriend living in another part of town who was pregnant!, the filippino men want a ladyboy for a while but seem to be embarrased or ashamed of them and ultimately dont see ladyboys as long term as they want children eventually.
    I have since visited my girlfriend again and plan many more trips to the Philippines, I find it a very relaxed place and want to see more of it, i stayed with my girlfriend for over a week last time and took her to Bali for a week, i met her family and friends and felt accepted by them, Filippino`s are very family orientated but she has never asked me for money or objects, she has a good respectable job and gets on with it, we chat on skype daily and i love her, i tried to get her a six month visa to visit me here but was turned down which is very frustrating! but i will continue to go out to see her and plan to marry her, i have the visa problem to overcome and its very difficult so I want to ask you Simon, can you give me any advice on getting a visa and what are my rights in the Philippines if i do marry her in the Uk and want to live in the Philippines? can i live there without having to constantly leave to renew my visa?
    She is 34 by the way. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    • Hi Jason and thank you so much for sharing your experience πŸ™‚ I’m not a legal expert, but as far as I know your marriage will not be recognised in the Philippines because same-sex marriage is not legal here. However I can tell you that’s it’s pretty easy for a foreigner to stay and live in the Philippines.

      First option that I used so far: simple tourist visa, requires to go to the immigration every 2 months for extension, and that’s it.
      Second option that I will use in the future: special retiree visa, if you are 35+, you can get a special retirement visa that allows you to stay in the Philippines as much as you like

      Of course there are other options, like work visa (but you gotta find a PH company that’s willing to hire you, and you might not like the PH wage…) or investor visa (which costs at least 50 000 USD).

      I wish you best of luck πŸ™‚

  27. I have just joined your Dating Site.
    I hope and pray to find someone who wants to be loved.
    And who will love me.
    To spend the rest of my life with.

    I am not into mind games or cheating.
    If I meet someone, they are for keeps.
    I hope your site can help me achieve what I am looking for.

  28. Very nice article..job well done!!
    I found my better half now we’ve been together for almost 2month..

    Keep it up!” πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Simon. Great articles. I’ve been in an online relationship with a Filipina Ladyboy for nearly 2 yrs. I can’t wait to get over there. Do you know if there are any teaching or IT jobs over there, or is it easy to find work?

    Well done for being brave and following your heart.

    • Hi Mike,

      I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s doable. Forget about English teaching jobs, it’s already saturated (you would have more chance teaching English in Thailand for example). IT jobs, it’s possible if you are very skilled. The Filipino work force is cheap but they are generally less assiduous and productive than Western workers, so some companies like to hire foreigners at least for team leader positions.

      Good luck!

  30. Hi,

    Really interesting read . I am 23 from the uk been in various relationships with girls but always had a inner fantasy for trannys / ladyboys my current fantasy has got stronger for them . I was just watching porn online all the time and thought i want to start to speak with them and maybe have a experience with one so i found a dating website i joined ect ect & actually came across a Filipino ladyboy out of the blue ( i have no idea the way any of this worked n the culture & stuff over there ) we have been skypeing & instant messaging now for a couple of weeks & she seems a really interesting lady, but reading this im in two minds . Im not going to lie im just your average guy with a average job so i wouldn’t really be able to financially support for a long time …. could do with some advice it would be muchly appreciated . πŸ™‚

    • Hi Luke,

      You know what, I met my first Filipino ladyboy girlfriend when I was 23, and it was in the UK (she was a Filipino living in the UK). It’s also the age I first travelled to the Philippines.

      Anyways, you might just be the average guy with an average job, but you are still more financially stable than most Filipino men. Not just because you have a higher salary, but because you have this “western way of thinking”, because you save money, you plan for the future, you don’t just work the minimum amount of time for buying a cup of rice. I am stereotyping of course, but that looks like it.

      If your girlfriend has a job (call center maybe? BPO?) then I wouldn’t be much worried. If she is a college student, with solid plans for the future, no worries either. You will just be a young couple of young professionals.

      Red flags are:
      – she is asking you for financial help
      – she is often complaining about money issues (it’s a bit like indirectly asking)
      – she is jobless and doesn’t plan on getting a job

  31. G’day Simon. How’s it going, mate? Great article. I’ve met lots of Filipina transgirls online. Plenty of them seeking money, some abruptly asking second or third sentence. But have also met many who really came across as genuine. I make it a point to tell straight up that I’m not rich, but that I’m working class guy. I also tell them immediately that I don’t want nude pics, they are not a sex toy, and I have respect for them as people. This illicits a very positive response everytime. I’m talking to Angela at the moment. Her family are kind and friendly
    They are a bit poor, so I’m very mindful that they might be playing me for some Aussie dollars. She’s a bit younger, but either plays a sophisticated game, or genuinely
    is interested. If covid relaxes this year, I’m going over to meet her. She is amazing. But I still have my guard up and bullshit detector plugged in. Hope all is well with you and your lovely girl…

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