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I was chilling in Mango Avenue (the wild district of Cebu City, Philippines) with my ladyboy girlfriend last weekend, and I met these 3 girls who seriously caught my interest. Erika, Fiona and Angel are three stunningly beautiful and sexy ladyboys, born and raised in Cebu (Philippines) and what they are doing is pretty amazing and cool.

It all started with a Facebook group one year ago (Explore the Philippines with the EFA sisters) and the three friends already managed to gather a kind of big community of 7 500 ladyboys and ladyboy admirers. Here, no business, no money involved, just making friends and getting the chance to visit Cebu (and possibly the rest of the Philippines) with the three beautiful ladyboys Erika, Fiona and Angel.

Who are the EFA sisters

Basically, three friends, three ladyboys who like to party and hang out together and finally had the idea to make this Facebook group and build a community of friends (and everybody is welcome to join). Erika, Fiona and Angel (or EFA, hence the name — and hint: “efa” also means beautiful in the local gay lingo), are young working professionals (they work as movie producers), they like to hang out and make the most of their young years (Erika is 21, Fiona and Angel are 25-26) and meet new and interesting people.

Why it’s cool to join the group

You want to visit Cebu or the Philippines? Well you already have three friends who will be happy to share a moment with you here (as a gentleman, you will of course buy the drinks!). Beware, it’s not a business, and the girls have no obligation to meet you if they don’t want to. Remember that those are ladies and deserve all the respect that a lady is in right to expect. Also, this is not a prostitution agency, so don’t have this kind of expectations. Sex might occur if the alchemy is working between you — we are all in a free country and we do what we like of our bodies — but it’s not something you should expect upfront. Parties, hangs out, beach, chilling out in bars, exploring the surroundings… this is what you can expect, and with the charming company of the three girls. Believe me, they worth it.

Moreover, besides being appealing girls, they speak very good english (just like most of the people in the Philippines), they have good and rich conversation and they’re fun to be with. Not your usual girl (and I say that with double meaning).

And it’s more than that

I like initiatives, inovations, creativity… and these girls had a brillant idea to be promoting their country and their cause. Because they are “proud of being Filipinos, and proud of being ladyboys“, because they want to show that not all ladyboys fit with the cliché of the pushy pickpocket prostitute. Erika, Fiona and Angel are actually also three advocates and fighters for the LGBT rights and prone awareness towards transsexual women. They actually represent a good example of hard working and successful ladyboy women who managed to overcome the challenges and succeeded in life — more than many other genetic girls.

We probably have the same common interest, which is basically just giving knowledge about transsexual women, and pushing away the stereotype that ladyboys are just sex workers, fantasy objects or such… Ladyboys are humans, they deserve respect, deserve to be acknowledged and considerate. Ladyboys are simply looking for love, just like everybody on this little planet.

By the way, these three beauties are single, so you might like to try your luck! Also, if you need more information understanding transsexual women and have all your chances to successfully date and have a fruitful relationship with a ladyboy, you can download my complete guide on the topic: How to date a ladyboy.

Comments and opinion sharing are very welcome 🙂

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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4 thoughts on “Visit Philippines with a cute ladyboy guide

  1. You sound like a clueless ass man. You don’t just give someone “respect” just because they happen to be a woman or any other reason. You ever heard if you want respect you have to learn to give respect?
    And another thing I feel like if I were going to just spend money on a person, I rather sponsor a hungry child and help them with food, water, and a decent education.
    Yet you sit there talking about how a guy as a gentlemen must buy the drinks. If a woman isn’t “obligated” to meet me, I’m not obligated to respect her let alone buy her a goddamn thing. It cost a lot of money to travel abroad so if I go anywhere hoping or expecting to meet a person and if they fail to show up. Just like in America, that would put them right in the flaky sh*t list department. And I don’t care wtf country they’re from.
    Enough said.

    ~ From a Real Man

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