A Transsexual for Miss Universe Canada

My girlfriend is a beauty queen (she won a couple of beauty pageants here in the Philippines) and I support her for being one. In fact, I am so proud of her. There was a news published recently about the canadian beauty pageant Miss Universe Canada, which is worth commenting a little.

Jenna Talackova (the pretty girl in the picture above) was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. On an interview she said she had her sexual reassignment at the age of 19. The said beauty queen, recently joined and submitted her application for Miss Universe Canada. On March 14 2012 her name bannered in all networking sites as she made it to the finalist for Miss Universe Canada. But recently, her name and picture don’t appear on the website of the pageant anymore. Does she have been removed from the list?

I see my girlfriend as a woman but I don’t see her like all other women who are biologically born as woman.  So I asked her opinion about it. Her perspective is pretty different; she knows her identity more than anyone else. Many transsexuals may disagree but I totally get her point. She thinks, which I also believe, that TS who are joining pageants which are purposely for biological women are not just right. We both believe that by doing so, it’s like they’re  hiding there true identity,  i.e being transsexual . The right for equality is not to allow TS in pageants for biological women, but rather to put pageants for biological women and pageants for TS to the same level.

We want transsexuals to be accepted in society for who they are, but Jenna was not accepted as a TS, she was accepted as a biological woman. But SHE IS A TS. So what does it mean? That a TS cannot be recognised unless she hides her true identity? I have nothing against Jenna Talackova. Where in fact I am very proud of her.  I can’t blame her if she made it as one of the finalist. She possesses what a beauty queen should be.

And you, are you denying the fact that your girlfriend is a TS? Are you embarrassed to tell the world that she is? Or do you fully accept, recognise and are even proud of it?

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