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Just opened recently and it is gaining more and more popularity already. If you are a Facebook user, you can join right now this group Meet My Ladyboy Girlfriend and its 1 000 members all in search of serious relationship (whether you are a man looking for a ladyboy, or a ladyboy looking for a man).

The purpose of the group is simple. I want to open the discussion and the debate between intelligent and reasoning people about the issues and challenges of dating and love relationships between men and ladyboys. Of coures, it’s a place for meeting new friends, chatting further and possibly forming relationships (which is all I wish for you guys and girls!)

We already have members from everywhere in the world (including Thai ladyboys and Filipino ladyboys, and men from every country Europe, USA, Australia and more). The points of views differ, and it’s a good thing, it’s keeping the debate alive, in a respectful and interesting way. And I thank you all for that!

Decent ladyboys for respectful gentlemen

You might think I rule the group in a pretty strict manner, but it’s actually the way I intend to do. And this for two reasons. First, I want to protect my fellow admirers from the ladyboy scam artists and ladyboy escorts. Second, I want to protect the ladyboys who join the group from the assholes who are just seeing ladyboys as fantasy objects. Because I believe that none of you (men or ladyboys) have time to waste when you’re looking for a partner in life. Finding a decent partner is already a difficult task when you like ladyboys (or when you’re a ladyboy) so let’s not waste each other’s time.

I believe that if a ladyboy wants to sell her services (escorting, prostitution, cam whoring…) then she can be do it without pretending and giving hopes to a nice guy who wants something serious. Reciprocally, if a man is sexually curious about ladyboys and is not looking (yet) for a relationship, then you can afford to lie and play with these ladies feelings, as you will easily find tons of ladyboys who will fulfil your fantasy for a low fee (and believe me, unfortunately, there are a LOT).

That’s why I will insensitively ban you from the group if you fall in one of these categories of people. Because unfortunately, it’s how it works! Ladyboy hookers have this tendency to crush the heart of the good men out there. And men have this tendency to play with the feelings of the good ladyboys out there, whereas they perfectly know that they will never give her the relationship they are looking for.

How to join the group

Pretty simple if you have a Facebook account, simply go to this page and ask for joining the group (it’s a private group and it requires approval, for the reasons I stated above). Then approval usually takes less than a couple of hours before I do it. There is no requirement, you can come from anywhere, be anybody, the group is open to all as long as you are here for the good reasons and are respectful of the other members.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, well it’s maybe time to open one! As many ladyboys and ladyboy admirers already have an account, and are using it daily for chatting, connecting, exchanging and … DATING. Yes, Facebook is a powerful dating tool, my friends, if you know how to use it (see my book about it: How to make Facebook your most powerful dating tool for dating ladyboys)

Thanks to the actual members! 1 000 members in less than two months of existence, and daily messages and interesting discussions, that feels my heart with emotion every time!

So see you on the group, here is the link again:

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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4 thoughts on “Serious men for decent ladyboys on Facebook group

  1. Hello, I, I am not lucky with the women, I am not a homosexual, but, why not to try with a ladyboy very beautiful, who would make love to me (and who adores the lingerie satin)!

    • Guys who like ladyboys rarely are homosexuals. You joined the group yet? Welcome there French fellow 😉

    • Actually, when men starts appologizing by saying: “I am actually straight” or “I am not gay/homo” or “this is my first time” is where irritation starts. Men who are well-secured with their virility would not even think of saying it. But then again, they are all just categories that society imposed on us..


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