Pre-op, post-op and non-op transsexual women

I met Anne in 2009, on the Internet. She is a non-op ladyboy, have only been taking hormones since she was 18 years old, and never had any operations so far. She had hip enhancement (injection of collagen in the butt) but never had any implants or any kind of invasive surgery. But still, she completely looks naturally feminine and I love the way she looks. I consider myself so lucky to have a ladyboy girlfriend like her. Before I met Anne, I was already attracted to ladyboys, and had many other ladyboy girlfriends. In fact, I was a teenager when I discovered transsexuals; it was through the Internet, especially from the porn movies. I was fascinated of the fact that they are so feminine yet they have a penis and I found them so special.

If you watch a lot of shemale porn movies (shemale is the term from the porn industry to categorise transsexual movies), you have probably noticed that their boobs come in different sizes. There are ladyboys who have small and cute boobs like those newly grown that teenage girls have (which I personally like). There are also boobs that are really big, and you imagine it can’t be done without surgery. Well, as a guy I can’t help myself to get excited but still the curiosity of experiencing it in real life remained, so I can  have the satisfaction that I am looking for. My dream of meeting a real transsexual one day could not only satisfy my sexual needs, it could also give me the answers to all my curiosities about ladyboys.

Talking about the different types of transsexual women you can find, it is common in the LGBT community to categorise them in three types, and the distingo comes from the most private part of them: their male genital organs.

Pre-op transsexual women

“Pre-op” is the contraction of the two words “pre operative”, which means “before operation/surgery”. A transsexual woman is said to be pre-op is she has not yet undergone SRS (or Sex Reassignment Surgery). These women usually stay in that state for long, even if they want to do SRS, it takes time and preparation.

And with good reason, SRS is a heavy operation, it’s literally about cutting off the penis and constructing an artificial vagina from the remaining tissues, while keeping maintaining the urinative functions and such… It takes time to recover from the operation, it also takes time to accept it psychologically. It takes time also to be ready psychologically!

SRS is also very costly, so even though a pre-op TS would be psychologically ready for it, she still needs to put enough money aside to afford the operation, the recovery and the future maintenance. To give you an approximation, it is between $10.000 and $15.000 in Philippines or Thailand. And a lot more in western countries. $15.000 represents quite a sum for the average Asian girl.

Pre-op girls usually don’t feel comfortable with their genitals, as it’s their plan to get rid of it. I believe that form all the sorts of transsexual women (if they allow me to categorise them), they must be the ones with the biggest psychological burden.

Post-op transsexual women

Post-op transsexual women, on the other hand, have already undergone SRS (post-op standing for “post-operative”). Shall I state the obvious, post-op transsexuals still CAN’T bear a baby and still DON’T have periods, since the surgery is plastic only (no surgeon in the world could ever construct a real female reproductive organ from scratch!). This is also the reason why a TS’s vagina doesn’t get wet (well, when practicing sex, you’re to use lubricant).

Post-op trassexual women are said to be complicated, and can be subject to psychological disorders, like severe depressions. According to the studies, post-op transsexuals don’t feel anything physically during the intercourse (they might feel psychologically aroused though). I believe they still feel the most when they get fucked in the ass, like before their operation.

That’s the reason why they need to consult a psychologist for long before doing SRS, because it’s really a heavy operation. It’s giving up many parts of your body and your life. It’s saying good bye to things you will never do again, and sensations you will never feel again. On the other hand, you get what the nature didn’t want to give you in the first place. Well, it’s a heavy compromise, but for sure it requires to be psychologically very determined.

Note that post-op transsexuals can be just fine in their head as well, and there are brillant post-op transsexuals out there living happy, being married with a loving husband and such.

Non-op transsexual women

That leads us to the third category which is the non-op transsexual women. Because, why would the path of a transsexual woman always go through SRS, like it’s a mandatory stage in their lives? Literally speaking, pre-op and post-op form a pair, and for many years people have just been talking about these two terms. Like you can be just pre-op or post-op, like going through SRS was a mandatory step for you, and like if you’re not yet done with it, you are a “pre-op”.

The truth is, many transsexual women never go through SRS in their lives. Some of them because they can’t be ready to do so, or can’t find the money to pay for it. But also many of them simply because they’re comfortable with their male genitals, and have no plans at all to get operated. This is when the term non-op (standing for “non-operated”) started to appear, as society began more open-minded about the transsexual cause and more acceptant of having transsexuals co-existing with people.

Note that pre-op TS who never get operated at all in their lives fall, de facto, in the non-op category.

I believe non-op girls (and especially those who are non-op by choice) are the most mentally balanced from the three categories. It doesn’t mean they don’t do surgery at all! Non-op/Pre-op/Post-op are terms that refer to the SRS operation only (change of sex) but non-op girls usually do breast implant, hip enhancement, and are under HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), and they don’t look less feminine then pre-ops or post-ops, there is no rule for it. Note that if you are looking for a ladyboy who is very functional with her penis, you will have the best luck with the non-ops (obviously, you can forget about the post-ops!)

Transsexuals maybe categorize in different types but I firmly believe that they are all special. They may have different perspective but what matters most is that we know that they are human as we are and they are worthy to be respected, accepted and beloved. I hope that sharing with you these technical terms will help you understand more about transsexuals, and this would serve you as a guide to know what kind of transsexual girlfriend you want to have. I know what kind of transsexual I like, and I have a Filipino ladyboy girlfriend just the way I was looking for: non-op and comfortable with her sexuality.

So now, when you chat with a ladyboy and she tells you that she is pre-op, post-op or non-op, you will have a better idea of what it means and implies. So there will be no surprise and things are clear from the beginning. And you, what type of ladyboy are you looking for?

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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17 thoughts on “Pre-op, post-op and non-op transsexual women

  1. hi there simon…im a non-op transexual and im so impressed for what have you understand about the 3 categories about the transexuals..thanks for it..and good luck for your ladyboy gf..

  2. Thanks Shanrose 🙂

    I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance from the people about transsexual women. If people were more educated about it, there would be less discrimination out there, and a better acceptance.

    So I want to bring my little “something” to that cause, even if it’s so little like a simple blog. All you can find online form men are forums for planning trips to Pattaya and fuck prostitutes, or porn “shemale” websites. I believe I can do something better than this, and I believe there are many men who are actually willing to have a ladyboy girlfriend but don’t really know how to get around. So I hope my blog can help them 🙂

    Thanks, I’m sure my girlfriend likes the efforts I do to understand her and her “special thing”. Greetings to you!

  3. Comments Wow a lot what u said is so True and can i add a note most TS L:adies i have meet on line are in The Philippines and in Thailand i find the Philippines have a better pass rate as a woman with Female voices and all that but most TS on line are Players not all would like to meet a nice one my YM is — neoplain007 —

  4. David, you had bad luck, but it’s true there are many scammers out there trying to take advantage on foreigners. You need to know how to spot them and it’s the topic for my next article actually 🙂 But believe me, there are also many ladyboys (Filipinas and Thais included) who are looking for true love and serious relationship. The art is to know how to put aside the scammers and the gold diggers… and you’ll be good 😉

  5. Hi Simon, first if all thank you for sharing your Blog to me, i find it very interesting and all are just mere facts. and hopefully i can find someone for real here for long term relationship… I agree as with you Simon it just happen then men met some player online but the mistake of some shouldn’t be suffer by some sincere and down to earth… if they just keep looking beyond physical beauty they will discover a great person from within. We shall see how you blog with bring me luck to find my night in a shinning armor… thanks

  6. I am in my 60’s and discovered an interest in TGs of all sorts about 10-12 years ago. Sadly (in many ways) I come from a generation which may be tolerant of some things without understanding them. For me to openly embrace my love of and passion for TG women would lead to as big an issue as stating openly that I am gay – which I don’t believe is specifically the case but does it really matter. I have NO interest in straight looking men in any sexual or romantic way; in fact I may even be a touch homophobic in that I do not want sexual contact with men at all.
    Ladybodys, Katoeys, Trannys – I do not care what label is used except when it is demeaning and insultingly used – I like them as potential romantic and sexual partners with more emphasis on the romantic. My problem is the approval for such relationship among my peers, family and work colleagues is about the same as it is for gay men. For some reason most people don’t seem to care if a woman is gay, lesbian, bi, poly or whatever but a many who is anything other than 100% heterosexual is automatically gay and subject to the disapproval and ridicule that brings on.
    I wish i had the courage to step outside this fence; i don’t know that I ever will.
    Thank you for your articles/blogs, I applaud you for your honesty and courage and hopefully some day this will be ‘normal’ rather than courageous.

  7. Hi,

    Can someone give me info if there is a place in the Phil that do buttock injection as I am due for a holiday there. Thanks

  8. I am hopeing to met a transgender lady and we end up together for the ever and ever There are a lot that do the sex industry but some don’t and Iam not interested with the big dick and boobs I just want a beautiful lady that wants to be that and acts so as everyone we met will take her as a lady and nothing else and believe it is how you approach it you either want the bang or a partener you can love and be loved

  9. I am fascinated with ladyboys and find many of them quite attractive and a big turn-on.Of course,it may just be a fetish.I may not be capable of an actual relationship with one,but i find them very desirable nevertheless.I seem to only be interested in the non-ops though.Maybe because i believe the male organ,as the female organ,is a beautiful thing,and maybe because its more natural.Personally,i would rather have a non-op ladyboy with natural un-enhanced boobs than a post-op with fake boobs.I have heard many guys say they prefer ladyboys to gender females because they seem to enjoy their feminine role more than females do and seem to be more respectful and appreciative of maleness than females.I suppose that makes sense.

  10. I think the current state of medical science is not developed enough for this SRS, it gives only a approximation. They destroy too much . For me it is Middle Age. They can do almost nothing. But the change of the outer appearance can be perfect. And isn’t this the part that drives the social life? I personally like the idea of non op transsexual women. It is a complete different expression of life, driven from emotions to express something that is beautiful. Maybe a revolution in mind to get free.

    • I agree with you. The look is nearly perfect, but for the sensations I have a doubt… They say that they manage to feel good and reach orgasm, it’s maybe partly medical, maybe partly psychological. Let’s see how it does progress in 10 years or 20 years 🙂

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