Mariage with a transsexual woman / ladyboy

That’s an issue that I wanted to tackle, since I am thinking about it personally (I have been thinking about it for quite a long time actually). I love Anne (my Filipino ladyboy girlfriend), Anne loves me, it’s been now around 3 years that we are together, and we want to make it last forever. If things go well, time will come that we want to get married for real, have children and build a real family.

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Visit Philippines with a cute ladyboy guide

I was chilling in Mango Avenue (the wild district of Cebu City, Philippines) with my ladyboy girlfriend last weekend, and I met these 3 girls who seriously caught my interest. Erika, Fiona and Angel are three stunningly beautiful and sexy ladyboys, born and raised in Cebu (Philippines) and what they are doing is pretty amazing and cool.

It all started with a Facebook group one year ago (Explore the Philippines with the EFA sisters) and the three friends already managed to gather a kind of big community of 7 500 ladyboys and ladyboy admirers. Here, no business, no money involved, just making friends and getting the chance to visit Cebu (and possibly the rest of the Philippines) with the three beautiful ladyboys Erika, Fiona and Angel.

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Why do Filipino ladyboys prefer foreigners

I believe this is a big question for every foreigner looking for true love in Asia. Is it all about your money, or is there something more? Of course I would not write this article if it was just about your money… But if it’s p4p girls that you are looking for, of course you will have no problems in finding them here in Philippines, and even more easily in Thailand!

But I prefer this article to talk about love and serious relationship, since I believe this is the key of true happiness. I want also to focus on Filipino ladyboys, since it’s the field that I know the best and I don’t want to bullshit you around with my half-knowledge about Thailand!

Important: please acknowledge beforehand that I am talking about my own western point of view and what I socially experienced here in the Philippines. I am not stupid enough to generalise that all Filipinos and all foreigners are like I describe in this article.

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Ladyboy, transsexual, shemale? Know your lingo!

When I first started my blog, I knew that “ladyboy” was not the most common and accepted word for calling them. Actually, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the terms. You can find misleading information on the Internet of course, as it is very common for any niche vocabulary. But the most confusing is when these special girls that we like so much can’t even agree themselves!

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Who are the ladyboy scammers

If you’ve been into the business of looking for a ladyboy girlfriend online, you for sure happened to meet a couple of unpleasant girls, or girls whose real goal was hidden. Maybe it costed you money already, or worse, it costed you to be left heartbroken. At least, it costed you a precious time that you couldn’t allocate to the good girls. You must be conscious that online scamming has never been more developed than nowadays, and it’s sad, but the easiest way to scam you is by playing with your feelings. There are many types of scams, and many types of scammers, and many types of girls that look like scams but are not really… Pretty complicated, right? Let’s have a dive into it.

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Why a transsexual shouldn’t join Miss Universe

Ok I know that my opinion is contradictory to most of you who are going to read this article, and especially if you are a transsexual woman yourself. You will say that my opinion goes with the opinion of all the haters who don’t want to see a transsexual woman joining a beauty pageant for genetic girls (GGs, like we call them) because they are homophobic or such. Yes, the bottom line is: I don’t think that transsexual women should join beauty pageants meant for real girls. But my argumentation is different…

Last month it exploded like a bomb when the whole world heard the news that a Canadian transsexual model, Jenna Talackova, was competing for Miss Universe Canada. However she was disqualified when MUC (Miss Universe Canada) finds out that she was a post-op transsexual. But her dream of being a beauty queen didn’t end here. She fought for her right as a women to join MUC, and she did well since MUO (Miss Universe Organization) finally announced that transsexual women are welcome to join the Miss Universe pageants. So now Jenna is an official candidate vying for the Miss Universe Canada crown and has the chance to join Miss Universe 2012 (the world class pageant) if ever she wins the Canadian competition.

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7 reasons why you will love having a ladyboy girlfriend

Okay okay, the title is quite a bait to get you to read what follows. But the 7 reasons I give you come from the bottom of my heart, really, and have all been confirmed by experience and facts.

I feel like giving you my background a bit: my name is Simon, and if I make a list of all the girls I dated, and all the girlfriends I had in my life, well almost 90% of them were transsexual women. I never paid for sex, I never been to a libertinage club, I all dated them the good old way. And I always felt that I like transsexual women a lot more than I like real women, for many reasons, which I will tell you the 7 most important…

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Pre-op, post-op and non-op transsexual women

I met Anne in 2009, on the Internet. She is a non-op ladyboy, have only been taking hormones since she was 18 years old, and never had any operations so far. She had hip enhancement (injection of collagen in the butt) but never had any implants or any kind of invasive surgery. But still, she completely looks naturally feminine and I love the way she looks. I consider myself so lucky to have a ladyboy girlfriend like her. Before I met Anne, I was already attracted to ladyboys, and had many other ladyboy girlfriends. In fact, I was a teenager when I discovered transsexuals; it was through the Internet, especially from the porn movies. I was fascinated of the fact that they are so feminine yet they have a penis and I found them so special.

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Dos and Don’ts in sending money to your ladyboy girlfriend

My Filipino ladyboy girlfriend and I started with a long distance relationship. At the beginning, it was all virtual and all online, with some trips to Asia to be with her a couple of weeks in the year… And then I moved to the Philippines last year, and we are now living together and everything’s going well.

An aspect of that long distance relationship was about sending her gifts and showing her (and proving her) my love and seriousness. I believe it is very important because we can’t be physically together to normally show how we care for each other. So I usually sent her gifts for the special occasions like Christmas, birthday and Valentine’s day. In some cases, I send her little inexpensive gifts such as flowers, teddy bears and greeting cards without the need for a special occasion, just to show her my love and to surprise her.

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Cebu’s first transsexual organisation

My Filipino ladyboy girlfriend was originally from Cebu (“The Queen City of the South”) which is located in central Philippines, in the Visayan region. It is known to be the largest and fastest growing city in the region. This is where some of her friends built the first transsexual organisation of the region.

An LGBT organisation is an organisation for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals. There are variety of LGBT organisations in the Philippines, they may have different names, different causes, but they only have one voice and common vision. They are claiming respect and acceptance from the Filipino people in spite of the religious and conservative minds out there, and fighting against any form of discrimination against the LGBT community.

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