My guide for successfully dating ladyboys

If you’re like me, you are attracted to transsexual women and want to seriously play the game of dating. But not only do you want to date, you also want to find a special girlfriend, a girlfriend who’s got something extra special … a ladyboy girlfriend!

I’m 26 years old French guy who realised that I am attracted to ladyboys more than real girls since I’m a teenager, and so I decided in my 18th year to exclusively date ladyboys from now on. I always knew it, I will be happy only if my girlfriend is transgender. And so did I. I am lucky and could travel a lot in my life, so I could meet many different ladyboys in the world, in Europe, US and Asia. For most of them, we are still friends. At 23, I met my current girlfriend who is the most lovely, perfectly passable, ladyboy from the Philippines. Last year I relocated to Manila (capital city of the Philippines) and we are now living together.

You are not alone

What I realised throughout the years is that I’m not the only one who’s got this special attraction. No, many men (and I mean MANY) have the same. But I know I’m one of the lucky bastards who managed to effectively live my desires. I didn’t want to keep them inside and lie to myself by having a real girl girlfriend while secretly fantasising about ladyboys. No, I wanted the fantasy to be real. I wanted to go after my true happiness.

And so in early 2012, I decided to compile all of my knowledge and write this guide How To Date A Ladyboy. After all, if I could help some guys moving forward in their search for their ladyboy girlfriend by email, I could help so many more by compiling all of this in a book, easily downloadable!

My book is 78 pages long, and details everything you need to know. From the basic knowledge “what is exactly a ladyboy” to the specificity of dating these special girls, understanding how they think and what they’re looking for in a man, and how to dodge the scammers and the gold diggers (and believe me, many told me they thought they knew all the tricks and scams and got screwed anyways).

100% of my readers said it helped them

What I love the most is when a reader emails me and tells me my book helped him somehow. Some didn’t know where to look for a decent ladyboy (not the prostitutes you find in the creep streets). Some other wanted to know how to spot if his ladyboy girlfriend was a gold digger or genuinely loving him. The book is so complete that each of them found what he was looking for. It’s the MOST COMPLETE GUIDE you can find on the topic.

Because I’m so sure you will find your answers, I of course offer the following guarantee:
if my book didn’t help you at all, then just email me and I’ll refund you entirely

So far it never happened.

To discover all the things you will find in my book, and eventually buy it (100% secure, you get the book right after payment) simply click on the following link

Of course, you can ask me anything by email as well, whether you decide to buy my book or not, I always reply. To drop me a line, go to the contact page and fill in the form, I usually reply within 24 hours depending on my workload (but I check my emails every day, except when I’m on vacation in an island where there is no wifi). You can also ask on my Facebook page: My Ladyboy Girlfriend on Facebook