Long distance relationship with a ladyboy girlfriend

I am in a relationship with my ladyboy girlfriend who is a Filipino for 3 years. We are now living together in Manila, Philippines, but we used to be in a long distance relationship before. Often times relationships don’t work because of inconsistent communication. Most specially if your relationship has just started and you are far from each other. It’s a fact: long distance relationships are not easy. And you should know that TS are very sensitive people, they maybe are the most sensitive people you will ever meet. But I was able to make it, let me tell you the story…

I was in France when I started communicating with Anne (my ladyboy girlfriend). I knew she was the girl that I am looking for. But I am a mere human being just like all of you, so I was afraid in the first place, I was doubting. My heart is pushing me so hard to continue getting to know her, but my mind seems to slow me down because she lives so far away and I dont want to get hurt nor to hurt her. I was confused. Should I be serious with her? How often should I chat with her? Am I doing the right thing? These are common questions that I asked to myself and I know that all of you are experiencing and struggling with the same difficulties. Here are my thoughts for you to have a successful start of a relationship in spite of the distance.

How Serious I am about her?

It’s definitely a good question to ask yourself so you will know where you are heading. I am sure that you don’t want to invest your emotions if you are just looking for fun. You technically need to double check yourself and work on you emotional feelings if you really want to get the girl. Once you have your answer then we shall start from there.

How often should I be online?

I’m sure most of us don’t spend so much time in the computer, where in fact we hardly check emails. However it’s a good start to get to know each other, exchange emails or ID’s for messenger, i.e YM, Skype etc. You dont have to be online everyday, all you need to do is to send at least emails constantly, specially in the first week or two. You can feel the chemistry starting between you? Go on the next paragraph 🙂

How can I make constant communication?

Constant communication is always the key to this kind of relationship. But take note both of you and your girl should meet halfway. You should share the same amount of effort  to communicate with each other. So it’s fair that you invest yourselves equally: your time, your emotions… Both of you should make a schedule on when and what time to chat, especially if you have a big time difference. Here you will learn where this relationship will take you, and if you’re ready to travel to her country for the first meeting.

In my personal experience, I think I did it right by having a good communication with Anne. It was not easy but we’ve been through it, and we are now happily living together, so I know it was worth it!

And you, do you have a ladyboy girlfriend abroad? How do you manage to make your relationship sustainable over time, and how are you already planning to meet?

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here https://howtodatealadyboy.com and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there https://myladyboydate.com

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2 thoughts on “Long distance relationship with a ladyboy girlfriend

  1. I Am Going To have to return again whenever my course load lets up – however I am taking your Rss feed so i can go through your internet site offline. Thanks.

  2. Well base on my experience i have been into relationship with Norwegian guy i thought he is the one but it end up just last Dec.2012 before my birthday. He is a nice guy that i could never ask for more of what he is .We’ve known from each other for two months only then he came here to Cebu Philippines to visit me. I introduce him to my friends and meet my parents and relatives. All of my friends likes him so much because he is so friendly. I loved him so much not because of what he have. My friends always ask me if does my bf send me money monthly but i said no our relationship is not all about money but with real feelings to each other i trust him very well and he does to me as well. He let me visit to Norway for 1 month which i meet his mom and dad which is so nice to be with them. His been a good partner so i am i do everything just t make him happy and show to him how much i care about him. He is my first relationship ever and i have learned a lot of things with this break up i admit that its so hard to move on if you really love someone who you have thought his the one . Long distance for me is really hard especially when i get back home to Philippines am started to missing him everyday which always makes me cry every time i see him cuz i really want to be with him all the time especially his not on a good condition. i know he is happy with his life now so do i our memories each other live foot prints in my heart and mind. Right now i may say that i think i still have to rest my heart for quite sometime been so stress already. So right now have to live my life to the fullest and be happy. Don’t loose hope cuz
    ” Watching someone walks out of your life does not make you bitter or cynical about love. Rather it makes you realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person, how wonderful it will be when the right one comes along

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