Ladyboys: the difference between Thailand and Philippines

I Love Asian ladyboys. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend Anne is a Filipino Ladyboy. Currently we are living together in Manila, Philippines. I always dreamed of having an Asian ladyboy girlfriend, and when I met Anne I felt like I won the lottery. She is the girl of my dreams, she is petite, she has smooth brown skin, she has black hair and she has a cute face. And what I love the most about my girlfriend is that she has this positive attitude, she keeps on smiling and she knows how to make me laugh. She is very carring in all ways; she makes coffee for me, she sometimes cook my favourite Filipino dish Pork Adobo, and at night she gives me very good massage. That’s what Anne calls “TLC” (stands for Tender Loving Care) and it’s a Filipino cultural thing here: women are tender and loving, and so are ladyboys.

Ladyboys in Thailand

There are two famous countries in Asia that you should know that offer a variety of choices for finding stunning ladyboys, namely: Thailand and Philippines. Although there are other countries where you can find ladyboys like Vietnam, Laos and Singapore… let’s just focus on these two countries because they have the biggest population in terms of ladyboys, so you can have an idea where it’s easier to find your lovely Asian ladyboy girlfriend.

Thailand is one widely visited country by tourists in South East Asia. It is famous because of its beautiful beaches, exotic food and most especially there accommodating (and smiling!) people. Thailand has also the biggest population of ladyboys and transsexuals in the world. This is because they are fully accepted and respected in their country. The Thai word for “transsexual” was originally Kathoey, but hey, Americans needed a more understandable english name for them, so here is the origin of the word Ladyboy.

Thai Ladyboys are very attractive. But you need to be patient because they can hardly speak english and communicating with them might be difficult for a foreigner. There is a pretty different culture in Thailand regarding ladyboys and transsexuals because they are completely accepted in society. It’s not even a problem to their religion! Ladyboy shows are even one of the touristic attractions in Thailand. Ladyboys in Thailand are well supported by their families, maybe not financially (usually it’s the opposite…) but at least morally they often get full support from their families and friends. Young ladyboys, like 12 years old, can already buy hormonal pills legally so they can have an early start of Hormonal Replacement Therapy. That is why most of the Thai ladyboys look so feminine when they reach early 20’s. Moreover, surgery is widely common in Thailand. Transsexuals can easily get breast implants, hip enhancement and even vaginal replacement. No wonder, Thailand has the largest population of ladyboys and transexuals in the world.

Ladyboys in the Philippines

Even if geographically very close, Philippines is a completely different country from Thailand. First, it is a Roman Catholic country and their religion does not accept transsexuals. However this has never been a hindrance for Filipino ladyboys to pursue their goal of transitioning. And being unrecognised from their religion does not even stop them from believing in their religion. For instance, my Filipino ladyboy girlfriend goes to church every sunday and most of her ladyboy friends go too churh too! Ladyboys in the Philippines are not as free as ladyboys in Thailand. It’s not that they are prohibited or it is against the law, it’s just that its not as rampant as in Thailand. Although you can see ladyboys in the Philippines walking in the street, in the malls and in any type of bar, this is still not as many as in Thailand. But Filipino ladyboys are very passable most of the time you can hardly tell if they are ladyboys or not. They are naturally petite and very good looking, and because of years of migrative fluxes from Spain and USA, they can happen to look less Asian than their Thai sisters, and they also speak usually very good english. They may not be fluent but at least they can all communicate properly, because english language is officially taught at school here. The Filipino term for ladyboys that you have to know is: bakla (in tagalog, which is the official language of the country).

Now you have a glimpse of Asian ladyboys and you have a little idea about them. I know that you may not see these special girls in your country. I am pretty much sure that you can’t wait to meet one of them, but you dont have to fly right away to Thailand or Philippines! Start by simply have a look on the various dating websites specialised in ladyboys (Ladyboy Kisses for example), and step by step, you will get into finding the right ladyboy girlfriend for you.

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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71 thoughts on “Ladyboys: the difference between Thailand and Philippines

  1. Well, having myself a Filipino ladyboy girlfriend, I can’t deny that I put Filipinas on the top position for passable transsexual women 😉

  2. Just wish to find someone real for long tern relationship, as my friend Simon suggested his blog which he said might help so we shall see what life, time and destiny will bring me this time.

  3. wow tht’s so nice i get very good information about ladyboy……i’m from u.k and i’m trying 2 find any ladyboy friend but so far 0000 if any 1 knows anything plz help .thanks

    • Thanks James. If you are from London, I can recommend you some clubs like Fire and Beyond clubs which are located in Vauxall (which are LGBT clubs with a good population of TS, including Asian TS). You can also check out Madame Jojo’s which is located in Soho and is specialised for TS and cross-dresser crowd.

      May I also recommend you read this, to be fully armed in your quest for a ladyboy girlfriend:

      Good luck!

  4. wow good site… i love reading it .. it keeps me from learning .. 🙂 thanks .. btw im also a ladyboy from cebu philippines

  5. no self respecting transgendered woman or transsexual would want to be called a ladyboy. you are not a lover, u’re a tranny chaser, because if u indeed love your gf, you would not feel the need to label her your “ladyboy girlfriend”.
    if your intentions were basically good, i would commend them, but stereotyping and labelling transgendered women as “ladyboys” isn’t really helping. if you’re intentions were indeed good then do your reasearch! create a SMART AND POLITICALLY CORRECT BLOG. Do not make assumptions on what you think you know but base them on scientific facts! At the end of the day, only a transgendered woman or a transsexual can know herself, not you or any kind of lover because if you did, then you would know that calling her a ladyboy is not respectful.

    • Paula, I respect you girls who are in LGBT organisations even when you’re often aggressively defending your cause and make a big deal out of every little detail.

      Yes you’re right, my blog is not politically correct. Ladyboy is not the politically correct word, and it’s not the scientific term either. I don’t pretend I am a doctor writing a thesis about transgender people. I don’t pretend anything actually. But I lived many things, and I’ve known many transgenders and trans-oriented men, so I believe I have a word to say about it, and in all honesty I am fighting for the cause of transgender people (after 10 years being trans-oriented, I guess it’s normal). I know what “ladyboy” means and where it comes from. I know it is commonly used, and not only by men but also by transgender women themselves. That’s not insulting (it’s not politically correct either) but that’s how things are called nowadays.

      Do I paint ladyboys as prostitues, porn actresses or other things like most of the others blogs do? No. My writing has a profound respect for them (and I have a profound respect for them), I don’t generalise (even though it’s impossible not to talk about the sex-workers and other malicious ladyboys) and I have the focus on educating men who usually misunderstand transgenders. FYI, most of my “ladyboy” readers like my blog and my writings.

      I will accept your criticism ONLY if you read a little more than the title of the blog that your dislike and say something constructive.

    • I thank you Simon for making such a wonderful blogs about us ladyboys. We dont mind weather you call us transgenders, ladyboys, kathoey or bakla, it is the right term for us and we can’t change it. respect is not just about how you call us, its about how you treat us even if you know we’re not real girls biologically. Keep it up Simon, foreign guys like my boyfriend starting to learn more about ladyboys because of ur blogs and its a lot more easier now for me to answer his questions because he has a bit of knowledge already coz of reading ur articles… Godbless you and ur GF!

    • Paula,
      I am swimming in ladyboys and they all call themselves LB. Even on dating websites the links are ladyboys. Then the ladyboys clearly state ” I am a lady boy” because they are so hot and can pass as females. They don’t want to scare anyone so they are very clear and also very proud to be called ladyboy. Also why are you even commenting or telling him how to write his blog? Your an idiot and don’t know what your talking about. Also, as a programmer and computer specialist, having ladyboy in the name of his site is key for search engines and most likely the only way you found your way to his site. He also has the opinion of his ladyboy, so in a way, his writing is reflecting her opinion as well. Finding love will never be “SMART AND POLITICALLY CORRECT ” . This blog is for men and ladyboys! Take a hike beeeotch. It’s women like you that make me never want to date a white girl ever again.

    • bullshitMy ladyboy lovers were proud to known a a ladyboy as most in the Phils call them gay and they are not

  6. Simon,

    I thank facebook that i have come across this page of yours. At first I thought it was just an ordinary wall of people, but when i sit down and read your post I get interested. I really like it. Your post about transgender/transsexual bakla & kathoey will help our gay community to be accepted and not humiliated.

    I am not yet a ladyboy, but I was hoping that you can help me find a safe hospital to have my breast implants in Thailand. I’m also a filipino but I am presently working here in the Kingdom of Cambodia (near Thailand).

    If given the opportunity, I also would like you to be the first to document my operation and have it written here, on your page.

    Thanks & more power to you.

    • That would be an awesome opportunity to document your operation, if possible. I can’t recommend any hospital for you (as I’m not qualified as a doctor) but many could on Facebook (look for my fan page or my private group).

      Thanks again for your comment 🙂

  7. I too have a filipino ladyboy girlfriend, and agree with everything you say here. I couldn’t be happier than I am with her. She calls herself ladyboy or gay, whereas I call her my girl. It’s the culture there I believe and I try to argue against it futilely.

    • I know right, they’re very open calling themselves ladyboy or gay, it’s not insult, it’s like even fun when they’re into a group of like-minded people. I also call my pinay “my girl” and all my friends do so, by respect. Only herself and her close bakla friends dare to call her ladyboy/gay/bakla.

  8. I am ladyboy from Bangkok Thailand. I would like to let you know something that you misunderstood about ladyboy in my country…
    – first… there are many educated thai ladyboys who can speak english very well…. and they could get better job than working in tourist area…. so you can’t meet them…. aslong as you still stucked in only tourist area.
    – second…. in Thailand, ladyboy still have some problem, because many poor ladyboys work in tourist area as prostitude or bar girls…so thai poeple… still look down to all ladyboys as a whore and treat us just like sex slave…. anyway… this time everything is getting better and better..
    but most of thai men still don’t want to have ladyboy girlfriends…. becaue of their parrents doesn’t want and also heir friends. Poor thai men still treat ladyboy to pay the man money for sex or love, on the other way other men treat ladyboy as a sex toy only… just suck or fck and go, not kiss, not touch don’t care our feeling….sad hmmm?

    • Yeah that sucks. Can you make any recommendation for meeting decent ladyboys in Thailand from your point of view?

  9. as long as you can notice which one is ladyboy or real girl… you would see many of them…. i recomment you from my fevorite place then…. hahaha maybe you would meet me….

    Rambutri soi close to Kaosarn road, Both area are 50% prostitude + ladyboys bar girl. and 50% educated ladyboys who are better than the first group. many of them work in entertainment or fashion design..

    Pra Artit road, many pubs along the road to the conner with educated ladyboys

    Silom soi 4 is popular also…. it’s closed to Patpong but it’s not Patpong at all and Soi Lungsuan behind to Lumpini park

    RCA is the nice night life area for ladyboys and boys and girls. There are many clubs and pubs

    Soi Thongloa, Sukumvit road their are many nice clubs

    • When you say educated ladyboys in pubs, are you talking about a spot where ladyboys hang out (without being prostitutes or bar girls themselves?)

      Have you noticed, my blog is actually focusing on the love relationship aspect, so I’m not into promoting bars and clubs for sex encounters ^^

  10. I met mine on a dating sight, going to meet her and her family for the first time in a few weeks from now. Since we have met we talk every night. I have never met anyone who is as loving and caring as my Sandy. Yes we just talked online and still have not met in person. She never asks for anything and goes out of her way to make me feel really loved. Like cute messages threw out the day always asks if i have ate breakfast b4 I go to work!!

    She works 7 days a week and tells me when I come there she does not want me to spend my money all she cares about is being with me. Although I plan to take her out ofcourse. She looks so amazing and her eyes get me every time we talk on cam. Amyway thanks for your blogs they have helped me alot. WIsh me luck!!! – Chris


  11. hi i have been in a relationship with a beautiful,smart,caring,loving,woman for 7 months now.I call her a woman not [ladyboy] because that is what she is n wants to be,she may have male organs but on the inside you can tell she is a woman by her heart.I have had a couple of relationships with lady boys b4 meeting her but they where more out of curiosity n facination than anything.I first met them on sex sites then after exchanging email addresses used to chat to them on y/h messenger,instead of paying the site they worked on for the priveledge of talking to them at $1.99 per min in which they only got about 10% of that i used to send the money direct to them by moneygram so they got the full amount.After getting to know them i found that they are very family orientatated n most of the time they where only working in the sex industry to support there familys.That is the filipino ts.Anyway i support my g/f 100% i have set her up in her own apartment,and send her money every week for daily necsessities n ongoing bills which is approx only $100 a week it is very cheap living there in the filipines.I was previously married for 25 yrs to a australian woman n have 3 sons but my g/f is more of a woman than she ever was.I AM Planning to meet here next yr after xmas n would like to know if there are any asian countries that have legalised same sex marriage as i love her very much n have asked her to marry me.Any information would be a ppreciated .cheers Trev from Australia

    • Hi Trevor and thanks for your message 🙂 That’s a nice story you’re telling us. To my knowledge there is no Asian country that allows same sex marriage unfortunately (but I might be wrong?) and I don’t believe it’s gonna change any sooner…

  12. the word ladyboy has a derogatory meaning and its sexualizing or objectifying a person i wish you use the proper and politicaly correct term transgernder or transexual its more polite

  13. Interesting thread everyone, just wanted to say that I recently met an amazing Filipino TS living and working in London. She married an English guy and is very happy with her work in retail and social life she enjoys here. Just a nice story for all you guys it can work! (save up first though she couldn’t work for the first year in the UK)

  14. Hi. I agree with Trevor. I was married to a Gg for almost thirty years. I have since spoken with TG ladies from mostly the Philippines on dating sites. I have found them so very pleasant to talk with, such lovely ladies.
    I am older but I want to find a TG lady closer to my age.
    GGs …you can keep them.
    Congratulations Simon, excellent blog.
    Cheers, Ron

  15. Hi, i am a transgender person from Brazil. My peculiarity is that i am, besides a Tgirl, a bisexual mostly attracted to women. I like both men and women for sex, but i prefer women for commited relationships. I’ve heard there’re many male to female persons in western countries like the US that are “translesbians” or transbi, but have you heard there are translesbians or transbi Tgirls like me there in Asia? Congrats for your blog and all the best for you and your gf.

    • I haven’t heard much of translesbians in Asia either, to be honest!

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    • In Thailand I know some ladyboys that like females but its rare. Most of them want men. We also have Toms. Girls that dress and cut there hair like men, act like men and go for females.

  16. Simon… go guy!….100% spot on… as for Paula….oy vey…chill out, and you obviously misinterpret Simon’s intent. The Site rocks…I respect all people’s right to equally exist and the term ladyboy is an affectionate sounding, non threatening, help mainstream get a grasp on it, kinda term…..Some generalization must occur… Politically correct sites regarding this should be run and operated by you!..555….lets see who reads, follows, and becomes the most informed audience ….your tone is almost bitter….but step back and nicely layout your point of view. Folks might listen more carefully to what you say……

    • ahah I must admit my tone is pretty bitter and cynical (which is how I sound in real life, sometimes), but as long as the message gets delivered, I think my mission is accomplished 🙂 Thanks for supporting my point of view and for your comment!

  17. In same camp as Trevor. Lived with a Filipino ladyboy for 9 months. What bliss. Impossible to get him into my country – Canada. Looked at different countries around the world that could marry us. All the first world countries that allow gay marriage will never allow entry for economic reasons. Only country that might work is Argentina but the regulations seem restrictive and a visa is required. The only solution I have to date is moving to the Philippines but I still need to support kids, visit kids, and pay ex-wife alimony – so it gets very expensive. If only I could find a way he could enter the country, once in we can marry and he would never have to leave. US citizens have a fiance visa option which we do not have. However, US citizens are limited by state, only a few support gay marriage. Great site, nice to share with like-minded individuals. Any suggestions or similar experiences?

    • Funny how you call your partner with masculine pronouns. I don’t know much about laws in Canada but I’m surprised by what you say, as I always seen this country as super open for immigration and gay rights (I visited the village in Montreal, it’s HUGE).

      France just legalised same-sex marriage, which includes a right for foreign partner to become resident of France (if ever you speak French and want to drink wine daily, that could be an option now!).

      When possible, yeah, moving to Philippines is the easiest (no visa issues for first world countries residents), you just come and can stay (almost) as long as you like as a tourist. Life is cheaper, so it can balance the price of a travelling back and forth to your home country once or twice a year. That’s the solution I chose, but I know it’s not as simple for all ^^

  18. Hi Simon thanks for a great blog post – I know quite a lot of Thai ladyboys so your comments are spot on – what is interesting is as they get older their features seem to revert to being more masculine so they need either to accept aging gracefully of undergo even more operations. My wife’s cousin is 38 , very attractive and is going down the more surgery route. Ouch !

    Kind regards

    • I would like to meet with you
      It is legal and possible in the USA now
      You can get a finance visa easily know for a ladyboy…things have changed

    • Well the famous Mixed Nuts which is a ladyboy bar in Burgos, Makati. Also the terraces at Greenbelt 3 are well known to be hunt field for ladyboy freelance prostitutes (therefore cheaper than Mixed Nuts because you don’t pay the bar fine). But wherever you go (regular clubs whether they’re straight or gay) you will get to meet a lot of transgenders anyways, and not just prostitutes.

      I was at Time (Makati) last weekend, it’s a regular club (house music / electro) and there was a bunch of TS. I also always see some at Republiq (near the airport).

  19. Hello Simon
    i’m a ladyboy in Bangkok, Thailand and i do like your post about us ^^
    i like western guys who is more care about me than Thai’s.
    Thx for good attitude with us….

    ps. i am single! you have a gorgeous guy friend?? lol

    • Hi Unun, thanks for your comment! Nice having readers from Thailand!

      Do you know about my dating site, ? It’s the first decent dating for transgenders, no porn, no escorts, no nudity, no bullshits… only for serious guys and transgenders

  20. Mabuhay Simon,
    I am a straight man and since almoust 5 years in a relationship with a beautiful TS Woman. We are now living in Europe most of the time but the first 2 years we were living together in the Philippines and we are legally married now at least here. One thing… “bakla” is a cuss word for a TS-Pinay because it means gay. Only not educated TS and sex worker will call themself “Ladyboy” or “Shemale” or “Bakla”. And if you call you partner “Ladyboy / Balka” you are actually in a relationship with a boy, right? So that means you are gay. Nothing wrong with that btw if you are gay. But I would never use those words because I am not gay and my wife is also not gay. Beeing TS has nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexuallity and most of the TS that I met are straight so why should I call them gay? Do us all a favour and set things straight and try to educate and sensibilize people for this topic.

    • Hi Max! Yeah you’re perfectly right about the terms. In the Philippines, sometimes I’m shocked how much transpinays refer to themselves as “gay” or “bakla”. Did you see when Kevin Balot (Miss International Queen 2012) called herself gay on TV? I forgot which channel, maybe GMA or ABS CBN. I attended a lot of beauty pageants here, it’s not rare that the candidates refer to themselves as gay, and each time I hear it, it sounds really weird to my ear.

      The thing is, for Filipinos, the border is not clear between a gay man (usually effeminate) and a transwoman. It’s pretty much like “Kathoey” in Thailand, which includes both transwomen and effeminate gay men. Of course nowadays, we have made some progress in this domain, mainly coming from the West (US and Europe) and have set up a better framework of terminologies.

      Though in Asia, these old terms are still employed and people don’t seem to care much.

    • Hi Miki, the dating site I operate is pretty good for this: 🙂 Otherwise, if you want to meet non-sex-worker ladyboys, it’s better to spend a long time in Asia, like live in Manila for one year, hang out in regular places (not in the gogo bars of course), meet people, and your network will naturally expand and you will meet ladyboys organically. I live in Makati (central business district of Manila) and I see ladyboys every day, they go to the office or whatever job they have here, just like regular people.

  21. Thank you Simon for this wonderful and informative article of yours about Ladyboys in my country and Thailand. I’ve been joining dating sites and I haven’t found the right guy for me. Hoping that this article of yours will be the way to meet the man of my dreams 🙂 Anyway, I’ve included my facebook url so that anyone can see how do i look. I’m quite different from the usual sexy looking ladyboy because I’m the chubby type of person but I believe that I can be the best ladyboy lover for those who are looking for a serious relationship.

    PS: I’m not into prostitution lol

  22. Thailand has the largest number of ladyboys. They’ve exploded
    all over Pattaya, Phuket and Pattaya but you have to be cautious some
    will rob you given the chance. Plenty work in bars so that is a safer venue.

    Philippines I see a few here and there but most I run into don’t look
    as good.

    Overall I would take it slow because some seem to be flighty or on drugs.

    • Hi Rick, I approved your comment because it shows something interesting.

      Your comment stands for ladyboys who work in the red light district, yeah. Unfortunately, most of the stories we find online are like yours, they come from tourists who don’t know ladyboys outside of the bar girls, which is not representing the majority, and that sucks because it’s stigmatising a whole community.

      So, for once and for all: ladyboys are not thieves, they’re not drug addicts, and they’re not prostitutes. It’s only the stories of tourists who visit the red lights of Asia who report so. And they’re true stories because, well, it’s the RED LIGHTS. It’s selection bias.

      If I visited the USA and saw only the fast food restaurants there, what would you think of me if I generalised that Americans are fat asses who can’t control their greed for unhealthy food? (Sorry USA, it’s just for example)

  23. hi dear, im really confused, im really looking for real relation with ladyboy , so what do u advice me ? going to pattaya or philpean ? I hear that philpean is not safty for forgines

    • Pattaya wouldn’t be my first choice in Thailand, it’s a tourist destination with a lot of bar girls and prostitutes. It would be easier to look for a regular ladyboy girlfriend in Bangkok, or Chiang Mai.

      Then, whether you orient yourself to Thailand or Philippines, it really depends to your preference, it’s two different countries with two different cultures 🙂

      As for the safety, the south of the Philippines is not safe indeed. The rest of the Philippines is a priori safe, I have been living in Manila for 3 years, and then Cebu for one year, and never had any issue.

  24. “Take a hike beeeotch. It’s women like you that make me never want to date a white girl ever again.”

    Wow. Hate doesn’t heal or fix with more hate. Such discrimination simply because of skin color.

    • In defense of Bob, I think he rather opposed Thai women with Western women, in relation to the difference of mentality. I don’t think this is a skin colour issue.

  25. I love this site 🙂

    My real name is Aaron, gay from the Philippines.

    just want to give you some information ~

    Gays & Transgender in the Philippines mostly prefer a Filipino boyfriend rather than foreigners, that’s a fact. But, there’s a lot of hindrances with that relationship. Culture in the Philippines is very much different, still people are not yet ready for gay couples, but step by step people can adapt to it. The reason why Gays in the Philippines are much open to have relationship with foreigners because they are much open minded as compared to Filipino Men.

    If you are searching for a Filipino Gay, believe me, they are also searching for you guyz… They like Americans & European ~

    You don’t have to worry because Filipino are really caring and truly loves their boyfriends, they never break up unless you did…!!!

    Thank you for the Creator of this Site 🙂

  26. Hi Simon I just wanted you to know that I was married to a Filipino Ladyboy last month in Tagkawayan. It was the 1st transgender wedding ever held in the Province. It was a large wedding & it was performed by Rev. Fr. Regen Luna who traveled from Manila. Because it was the 1st for the Province we were given a lot of media coverage & the wedding was shown on national TV. To date both my wife & I have not heard one negative comment. This is my first transgender relationship & I am so much in love with my wife. Only question I’m asked is Why a Ladyboy. My truthful answer is I do not see my wife as a Ladyboy I see her as the most beautiful woman I have ever met & I absolutely adore her. I find it strange that we can get married & get a marriage certificate but she cannot take my last name surely this is a form of discrimination. Thank you for your time & keep up the good work you do

    • Hey great news Steve, and congratulations to you both 🙂 From my understanding, same sex marriage is not legal in Philippines, hence some priests are fine doing the ceremony but the marriage has no legal recognition.

  27. Hi Simon, I love your site, Im 26 Gay from Philippines working in BPO Company, Could you pl help me to find Foreigner Boyfriend. or suggestion any site we do i find my bf. thank you.

    • Hi Margaux! Are you a gay man or are you a transgender woman? If you are a transgender woman, then I highly recommend you sign up on, this is the dating site I designed for transgender women (ladyboys) to find love 🙂

  28. Salut Simon,

    Ton site est de la bombe et pour cela on te remercie. Tu as aussi beaucoup de chance frero, ta copine est top. Elle n’ a pas une soeur à presenter?

    Je compte visiter Manila apres avoir lu tes exploits, et j’aimerais bien vous rencontrer une fois sur place.

    Merci encore pour un travail bien fait.


    • Salut David,

      Merci pour ton message 🙂 Pas de problèmes pour se rencontrer, mais on habite à Cebu maintenant, donc si jamais tu es en dans le coin, laisses moi savoir.

      Bonne chance!

  29. Hi SImon, Im Margaux, Im Straight gay, I would say Cross Dresser gay. Im wearing shorts, swimsuit but look like man but most like look like a gay. Thank you for the link u send it to me. Thank you again

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