Ladyboy video — Documentary in 6 episodes

Ladyboys is a documentary that has been broadcasted on Sky Living (a British TV channel) since May 2012, and is composed of 6 episods. I watched them of course and I believe they are pretty informative if you’re very new to the ladyboy world. Unfortunately they focus essentially on Thailand, putting Philippines and the other Asian countries aside. But of course Thailand has always been the most famous place regarding the ladyboy population. You will get pretty much a good overview of all the aspects that go around ladyboys, including the relationships between ladyboys and men.

The 6 episods are as follow:

  1. Episode 1: ladyboys fighting for equal rights (featuring the two famous Thai ladyboys Nong Poy and Bell Nuntita)
  2. Episode 2: the biggest beauty pageant for transgenders: Miss International Queen
  3. Episode 3: the ladyboys lovers
  4. Episode 4: a weekend in Pattaya, the ladyboy capital of the world
  5. Episode 5: the transition process to become a woman
  6. Episode 6: ladyboys who manage to be accepted in society, even to be successful

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Ladyboys, episode 1 of 6

Ladyboys, episode 2 of 6

Ladyboys, episode 3 of 6

Ladyboys, episode 4 of 6

Ladyboys, episode 5 of 6

Ladyboys, episode 6 of 6

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Enjoy the show!

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