Who are the ladyboy lovers

If there is misunderstanding and questioning (and of course discrimination) towards ladyboys, there is not less for the MEN who like LADYBOYS. Yes, ladyboys are enigmatic, intriguing and exciting creatures. They arouse the curiosity of a lot of people who are not familiar with the culture of transgenders. In the mind of the quidam, they’re a source of misunderstanding, incomprehension, and sometimes they even shock! But the same goes for the men who like them. They’re actually many (more than you could think!), but only a few admit it openly, like I do. My friends and family know about it, and I’m lucky enough to have open minded people around me to not suffer about it.

“Ladyboy lovers” arouse a lot of questions and incomprehension also! That’s the reason why most of them don’t dare to come up to the light with their special sexual orientation, or don’t want to commit because they feel shy or ashamed. Not that they really have a weak personality (or crudely: they don’t have balls!) but the society is making them that way. Of course some like ladyboys just for fun. But others are willing to get into a serious relationship with them, and are just stopped by the dogmas of the society which are against it.

Who are the ladyboy lovers

For what I know, ladyboy lovers are really normal guys. Talking about the general case, ladyboy lovers are straight men, who don’t feel any attraction to other dudes. They like femininity and beautiful women, and that’s a reason why they’re attracted to ladyboys, because ladyboys are most of the time more feminine and sexy than real girls.

There is no special type for a ladyboy lover. Young (and the crowd seems to be younger and younger nowadays) or old, high class or low class, social or introvertite… They’re just like the normal crowd, with a special attraction for transgender women. Some are not even looking for a TS girlfriend, but come to have the (happy) surprise to find out that the girl they’re dating and developing feelings for is not a real girl, but a ladyboy, and then if they’re open enough with their sexuality, they become ladyboy lovers de facto. And these guys were absolutely not ladyboy lovers at the beginning, they are just normal random guys.

If we consider transgenders as a “third sex”, then we can say of the men who are attracted to them that transgenders are just their sexual orientation. I see it that way, and actually it’s my belief, that being attracted to ladyboys is, in fact, a sexual orientation, and not a sexual weirdness nor a fantasy. Society always told us that sexuality (and love relationships) are to be binary: either you’re straight (and thus you’re normal) or you’re not (and thus you’re a freak). Mentalities evolved, and now being gay is also very well accepted (and it’s even hype). But being attracted to transgenders is not as well accepted yet. To the eyes of most of the people, you’d be considered more normal to be gay rather than to be a ladyboy lover. I came across the term “transoriented” recently, it’s not widespread but I believe it fits pretty well. Some people are straight, some are homosexual, some are… transoriented.

Tranny chasers and admirers, different thing

I don’t like the word “tranny chaser”, neither do I for “admirer”. But they actually refer to a different type of guys, different from ladyboy lovers (transoriented). Ladyboys are of course sexual type of persons. The term itself is categorising them with the following criteria: sex. The porn industry (shemales, ladyboys, chicks with dicks…) and the sex industry in general (prostitution, escorting, cam shows…) have not given a good image to transgenders, and many men wrongly consider them as a fantasy or a sexual thing only. These men, who hang out in bars and dark streets and are looking for a tranny (and tranny also is a very sexual term) to fuck for one night, are the tranny chasers, not the ladyboy lovers.

Online, the term “admirer” is also common for describing men who like ladyboys. But it’s kind of pejorative, and specific to the men who are indeed attracted to ladyboys but never took the guts to do the first step in real life. Basically, they keep it as a fantasy, usually never admit it publicly. They’re called admirers because they obviously crave for having an experience with a transgender, but can’t get to find one. If they’re not living in Asia, it’s indeed more tricky to get to meet a lot of ladyboys (but a good ladyboy dating guide can help you in that case). They’re also the kind of guys who have a big collection of shemale porn movies of course, and a fake Facebook account with exclusively ladyboy in their friends list. They don’t admit it openly.

For tranny chasers and admirers, this is just about sex. For ladyboy lovers and transoriented men, this is also about love. Guys, if you’re really into meeting quality ladyboys, start by finding out which category you belong to, and if you’re in the wrong one, try to change 😉 The quality ladyboys will naturally come to you, and you will just leave the cheap girls to the others.

I hope my analysis makes sense to you 🙂 Anyways, as usual, comments and sharing are welcome and much appreciated.

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French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here https://howtodatealadyboy.com and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there https://myladyboydate.com

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12 thoughts on “Who are the ladyboy lovers

  1. I like this new article very informative and mind opener to all guys who still have doubts, we should pursue what make us happy and not what make us worry. society will be there as we grow and they cant be a hindrance to follow what our heart and will says… We have one life, and we have to live for it to the fullest… nice one simon 🙂

  2. Excellent article. the best so far. However I’d like to add that I find some ladyboys are not attracted to guys those guys who put forth that they genuinely want a relationship with a transgender person. For instance, I know of a couple extremely convincing ladyboys who will only meet and date straight. unsuspecting men and then attempt to convert them!

  3. Very informative article Simon. You could also have indicated that it often takes guys who are attracted to transgendered girls time to fully accept that their primary attraction or orientation is trans….
    Keep up the good work.

  4. This is an excellent article! I believe the third sex theory. I believe ladyboys are put on earth for a specific purpose. When it comes to ladyboys I consider them in a higher class then regular women. Just something about them makes them BETTER! I see no “maleness” on a ladyboy, just pure female.

    PS wish me luck. I am in the process of contacting different lawyers to get my ladyboy fiance over here (America) as soon as possible. This maybe difficult. But I am truly “blessed” to meet my fiance. She is not only extremely attractive (beauty is common, doesn’t matter as much as we think) , but she has a heart of pure gold and a personality to kill for. Metaphorically speaking of course.

    I would like to encourage all “ladyboy lovers”. Follow your dreams for ladyboys regardless of what your family thinks. My family is “conservative Christian”, but I am “taking a stand for ladyboys”. You only live once and you you do not want to regret the past for fear of man or fear of public opinion. You can be a pioneer for a new acceptance. Three cheers for all ladyboys!!! 🙂

    • I also consider ladyboys are superior to women, because they have everything of a woman, with this something extra special.

      Wow awesome story man, I wish you all the best for the visa thingy. Are you working on a tourist visa or a fiancee visa? Depends on which state in the US you live in, right?

  5. I am strongly attracted to shemales. There is something about their look and sex energy that make me so hot and horny. Its like a powerful drug that feel so good.

  6. Hi Simon,

    I am 100% agree with you. But difficult to know why we love ladyboy? Feeling? I don’t know

    However, I feel very attractive when I see ladyboy. Just can not explain. In my opinion, the more important it is to be happy, no more.

  7. I just meet very attractive girl that happened to have thingy instead of pussy, and we fell for each other. Before I came to SE Asia it (ladyboys that is) were rather neutral topic to me. Now I’m in fulfilling relationship, it would be really silly to complain. I would not want my girlfriend to be ‘real girl’ cos I love her as and for what she is, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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