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Many men feel attracted to ladyboys (or in the politically correct term: transgender women). This attraction is not abnormal (read: who are the ladyboy lovers), but it raises many challenges for these men who like this special type of girls.

The most common challenge being the following: where can I meet a decent ladyboy? Most of the western men already came across transvestites and tranny prostitutes in the streets of their city, most of the time not really attractive, and they’re not dressing like girls full time (usually just at night). The thing is, many transgender women just pass for real girls when you see them, walking in the street or hanging out in a mall. Sometimes it’s impossible to find out without a very closer look, or knowing the “hints”.

And then, the sad thing is that a lot of men just stop looking for a decent ladyboy, because it’s not enough to find a hot one, it’s also important to find one who is willing to get into a relationship, and is serious about it. Escorts, prostitutes, scammers, gold diggers … this type of girls exist also in the ladyboy community, and is even maybe more common than for real girls. You shall not waste your time, money and energy with the wrong girls, when in fact it’s not hard to find them when you know how it works.

But finding a decent ladyboy is just half of the work done, then you have to court her and seduce her, and that becomes more tricky (but exciting!). Because, basically, you don’t court a ladyboy like you’d court a real woman. It’s more complicated than that, and there are plenty of mistakes you shall take care not to commit, as they can be lethal deal breakers.

A complete guide to help you find the right ladyboy for you

So why am I talking about all of this? Simply because I am well aware of all of these challenges and issues that men have to face when they’re into dating ladyboys. I’ve been dating ladyboys (like exclusively, I don’t like real girls that much, and I absolutely don’t like men) for around the past 10 years (I am 26 years old as I am writing this article), so I thought I could compile all of my experience in a handy dating guide and share my knowledge with my fellow ladyboy lovers. I am not in the process of dating anymore, as I am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend now (she is a ladyboy of course, from the Philippines) but I still have lots of friends who are ladyboys and I hear a lot of interesting stories, so i’m still up to date 🙂

Actually, my book not only gives you all the tricks and techniques to date ladyboys, it also goes beyond this and cover the topics of serious relationships (including long distance relationships). It tackles the challenges of living together and getting around in society with your ladyboy girlfriend, handling friends and family, and even how to relocate to Asia or make her come to your country if ever you’re dating an Asian girl (visa and shit). Tinted with stories from my personal experience, I believe it can give you a good insight on what it is to have a ladyboy girlfriend.

What’s inside the Ladyboy Dating Guide

The book is 78 pages long, and it’s exclusive content that no other ladyboy lover ever shared (just like you can find on my blog). Is the book just a compilation of the content that you already read on my blog for free? Absolutely not. The content of my book is unique, and absolutely supplementary to my blog. It’s much more of a guide. I wanted to compile my knowledge in a handy format, giving you the logical and easy steps and guiding you to your final goal: fulfilling a love long-lasting relationship with the ladyboy girlfriend of your dreams, and avoiding you to get ripped off during your search.

You can read all the table of contents of my book (and download it now) at the following page: my guide for dating and relationships with ladyboys.

Hope to read about your feedbacks soon if you’re amongst my readers 🙂

Download the guide now: How to date a ladyboy

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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5 thoughts on “My ladyboy dating guide

  1. I only just discovered this blog and I have to say how refreshing it is to find a website which focuses on individual ladyboy love rather than what the pornstars have been up to!
    I am 46 and converted to Ladyboy love about four years ago when my hetero marriage failed. Although I have nurtured fantasies about ladyboys since my late teens/early twenties, other than a few isolated experiences with hookers, I had never had the opportunity to develop a proper relationship.
    I am now in a loving relationship with a Filipina LB, have been for about two years and would like to cement our love by eventually getting married and have her come live with me in Australia.
    Having read many of the comments on this blog I do agree that the Filipino LBs seem to offer ‘a better deal’ (for want of more suitable terminology) than their Thai counterparts. I have had a few Thai LB girlfriends, and although they are every bit as physically beautiful, there is something in the Philippines nature and culture which makes the Filipina a more loving and sensual creature.
    I look forward to making more contributions to this blog, and will answer (or try to) and questions which anyone exploring this delightful avenure may want to ask.

    • nice feedback and thanks for the kind words 🙂 we also have a Facebook group which is pretty active focusing on the same matters of the group (and trying to eliminate the stupid perverts as much as possible), it’s there: you should join, chances are that you’re girlfriend is part of it too lol, most of the members are from the Philippines

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