How to avoid ladyboy scammers

In a previous article, I was already addressing the topic of who are the ladyboy scammers. Now I am going to write some lines about what are my recommendations for avoiding to fall into a trap, saving yourself some money and avoiding you a heart breaking!

It’s kind of difficult to come out with some stats, telling what is the number of good ladyboys amongst all the population of ladyboys. 10%, 20%, 30% maybe? Based on my experience, I would say that not more than half of the global ladyboys can be considered well intentioned or genuine…

But let’s go back to the ladyboy scammers. Those who actually have no intention whatsoever to become your girlfriend when they’re chatting with you, those who are just running after your money, and don’t care about hurting your feelings, making you desperate or ripping you off! There are some early hints that can save you a heart breaking if you can see them on time!

She is asking for money or favours very quick

Is she asking for money very quick? That’s the most obvious hint that you should consider. The scenario can be in different colours (need help for her studies, a relative who is at hospital, ask for money in exchange of a cam show…) but basically, if she is asking you money quick and you don’t really know each other, it’s a bad sign.

Well, this girl is an unexperienced scammer, it’s a very basic technique, I could almost say that it’s her first day of work! It’s not even scamming, it’s begging… Anyways, if she is registered on dating websites but is asking all her contacts for money, then she is not worth your time because obviously she is not looking for a relationship. It’s likely that you chat with girls onΒ LadyboyKisses (which by the way is the best website for dating Filipino ladyboys, to my knowledge), there, you can report any profile of girl who attempts to ask you money, so when a girl does ask your money whereas you are just newly chatting, help yourself and your fellows, report her and the site’s staff will handle it.

What to do when you find a girl like this: delete her from your list, and never talk to her again. She is not so so dangerous, you have just talked a bit, but it could get more risky for you if you keep in touch with her, because the more you get involved emotionally, the better it works! So please, just delete her and go to the next, they are many.

She is asking money, but a long time after you started chatting

Ah, that becomes tricky. Believe or not, and it’s kind of sad, but scammers get more and more clever, and are ready to chat with you for long in order to get your trust, and then the scam begins… for a bigger amount! The previous type of girl was aiming for small amounts after a few days of chatting. But this new type of scammer is ready to wait weeks (even MONTHS) before she will ask you for money, but it’s gonna be a big amount this time.

If you think it’s not possible because, rationally, it’s not profitable to spend so much time with no real guarantee to earn something at the end, you’re wrong. She is multithreading the work, and she is giving the same show to many men at the same time. So the more men she has on her hook at the same time, the more she multiplies her chances of being profitable. Keep this in mind, some scam artists are real professionals.

Nevertheless, when she is starting to ask you for money, the red light should be blinking in your head, and you should be cautious. Scams can be very elaborated, up to inventing fake troubles in her personal life that will make you to pity her and be willing to help her. Or it can go up to asking you money for getting a visa or paying for a flight to come to visit you in your country (visas to Europe/US are almost impossible to get for Asian girls who don’t have a high paying job, she will just run away with your money). Scenarios can be very various and I don’t have enough of an article to describe all the stories I heard unfortunately! But those are the most common. Remember: it’s not because she says she loves you and you are officially a couple on Facebook that she might not be a scammer.

What do to when this situation happens: it’s on a case to case basis. Her request could be totally genuine, but most of the time it’s not! So cool down, try to put your emotions and feelings aside (they are your worst enemy here) and analyse the situation. Even ask your friends for advice. But don’t let your feelings to blind you, if all logic leads to the conclusion that she is preparing something bad.

Important note: it’s not because someone asks you for help (even someone you only know online) that she is a bad intentioned person. Like I said, it’s on a case to case basis.

More about this: it’s actually something that I experienced myself, after one year of an online “serious” relationship (love words, Skype and texts everyday, official relationship on Facebook… I was going to Asia regularly to meet her, I was loyal) until the day I found out she was serving the same show to many other foreigners at the same time! It’s one of the stories that I describe in my guide: How to date a ladyboy and be successful in your relationship.

She is blackmailing you

In a more aggressive flavour, Internet scammers are also capable of blackmailing you. This technique is one of the most dangerous to me, and gosh I wish my readers never have to face it. Here is the scenario, you are chatting online, and it leads you sooner or later to be naughty/playful on webcam. There is nothing wrong in it, it’s actually very fun πŸ™‚ But hey, you know any video stream in a computer can be recorded? And this is the issue here! Actually, there is no real danger… unless she also knows your true identity and can find enough information about you online (family members, name of your wife, your address…) to be able to blackmail you. Example: “send me this amount of money if you don’t want your wife or your boss to get to watch this pretty video of you masturbating“. Sad but it can happen.

How to avoid being blackmailed: there is no miracle solution. If someone really wants to destroy you, then she will at least be able to cause you some harm. But you can minimise it and protect yourself beforehand, it’s just about being cautious and using common sense. If you’re into sex cam, then you should absolutely never reveal your true identity to your partners. Giving your true identity is like giving your trust, it should be deserved, especially with a girl who lives miles away. At best, create yourself a fake identity for the fun you want to get online, and keep your real identity for finding a serious girl. That can save you your money and reputation!

Share your experience and opinion!

For sure this article is not one of the most optimistic I wrote so far, but it’s part of the game, and if you’re into getting a ladyboy girlfriend, then you should be aware of this. Don’t be desperate though, good ladyboys exist, as much as bad genetic girls exist too! There is no rule, nor guarantee in life, and having a genuine and fruitful relationship with a ladyboy is absolutely POSSIBLE (please keep updated for my next article!).

If you have experienced a scam or suffered from this kind of bad behaviour, I invite you to comment just down this article. And if you have any opinion about it, please comment as well πŸ™‚Β Oh by the way, my mailing list is still open for registration, you can get my personal email communications (publications of articles and more) just by filling in the form below.

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9 thoughts on “How to avoid ladyboy scammers

  1. Good post. Unfortunately, I have found out there is much more scammers from The Philippines than from other South East Asian countries. I guess the level of poverty and their knowledge of English is a big factor. I have solved the problem by never giving any money to a ladyboy that I have never meet face to face and by never giving personal information such as where I work, exactly where I live and my full name. Having said that, I am sure there is many genuine ladyboys in The Philippines and the best way to find out is to go there. I will be there in less than two years. I can’t wait to find my lovely ladyboy πŸ™‚

    • Your approach is wise and safe Greg, I hop everybody would understand the dangers of Internet scamming as much as you do.

      In advance, enjoy your time in the Philippines πŸ˜‰ give me a ring when you’re in Manila!

    • Oh my, i remember my ex sending me money and i have to say no 100 times because i don’t like to be deemed as a scammer as it is rampant. This is sad but i know it happens everyday. πŸ™

  2. This article can serve so for girls,and maybe the rate of scammers is superior than the 50%.Ladyboys are,generally more clever than girls, but not less honest.
    The question is: this percentage is the same for all kind of ages? Not. ladyboys are clever, and they guess easily who is who. Mature men are more ready for a serious relation than a young is natural…and there are a lot of ladyboys who search a sure and sincere mature man than the passion temporary of a young boy…As writter of article tells very well, eacha case is diferent,,,and each age is so diferent.

  3. Great simon, scammers must be isolated they just insult and give disgrace to other ladyboys who’s searching for love and not for money at all but sometimes it’s not just ladyboys, on the other hand men also use their money to get what they want and so ladyboys “some” are persuaded and so get use to it and so ask for it… it’s vice versa as well, but the point is sometimes some of ladyboys can be tricky coz some of them are just playing around which a bad thing…. i hope scammers will be annihilated haha lol, The world will rejoice if TS like me will reign sure there will be piece in love searching πŸ™‚ Wish to fine my pure hearted man one day πŸ™‚

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  5. no reason to a ladyboy to have no income.. they can sell cook foods, they can sell barbecue…banana cue etc… they can do online business too or online job just like me,i earn money from advertising online..

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