How it feels to have a ladyboy girlfriend

Many of you must be fantasising on ladyboys / shemales / transsexual women. Some of you might even have been one step further and have had their first sexual experience. But how many of you actually are in a serious relationship with a ladyboy?

As a matter of fact, you must be wondering: how does it feel to be with a ladyboy? Does it make any difference at all than being with a real girl? I bet it does!

Why am I going out with a ladyboy?

I am a 26 yo French man. Ever since I’m a teenager, I am attracted to transsexual women, and I didn’t want to be frustrated for the rest of my life, knowing that I like them but not having the balls to actually go out with one of them.

I have maybe started in the early ages of the “transgender trend”, when it was not yet seen like something trendy but more like aย curiosity or something freaky. Well, this is still curious, but that specificity tends to be more and more common and accepted. Even better, it’s becoming trendy!

Nevertheless, if you have the conviction that you like ladyboys and that having a ladyboy girlfriend is what will make you happy, then you should definitely look for a ladyboy girlfriend!

So, how does it feel?

This is not a new thing to me. But still nowadays, I feel like I am living something special, because my girlfriend is so special. No seriously, she kicks ass. She is beautiful, sexy, smart and she has a decent job.ย It makes me realise that transsexual women are not all porn stars and prostitutesย in reality. Life is far different from what you see on the Internet or on TV.

I feel proud also. Many men envy me because my girlfriend is cute and fresh. The funniest is that not one of them can suspect what she is hiding. Actually, transsexual women are often more sexy than most of the real women out there. They usually have a good sense of fashion, makeup and sexy attitudes; they practice a lot. Sometimes it’s even too much, but it’s still sexy!

I am even more proud because it’s not the easiest situation in life, but she’s strong and she manages to do well anyways. It’s probably developing some kind of intelligence and practicality, which is appreciable.

So yeah, I guess this is what it feels, a subtile mix of excitement, arouseness and pride, which is, in definitive, a great feeling!

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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21 thoughts on “How it feels to have a ladyboy girlfriend

  1. In the life, all has 2 faces,face and reverse, positive and negative.I can accept that in couple man-ladyboy relation, all can be merveilhouse, even better thn woman-man relation…But if a man wants to be dad, to create a family, then the thing can be diferent ( not necesarly ) and that relation breaks more easily than ore woman- man relation. Not all in life is beauty , makeup and sexy attitudes.I prefer ladyboy than a woman in this moment of my life, i want to marry to lb legally,…but i am dad of 3 kids of my first marriage. It is not easy to compare situations.Anyway,i adore ladyboys

  2. Hello, great blog. I too have a Filipino lb girlfriend (we both live in England where I am from). We have been together for 3 years now. I thoroughly enjoy our relationship but there are a number of issues, mainly due to her personality being a little erratic due to having to look gorgeous all the time and through the inherent stresses of being transgender. She can also be unstrusting. I wonder if you sometimes share similar experiences?

    • Hi R, thanks for the greetings. My first Filipino ladyboy girlfriend was from England as well, I believe they are many in your country, mate ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Of course I share similar experiences, and not only a few… I learnt that some characteristics were common to almost all transgender girls, and some others were common to Filipinos. That was already a good thing to be able to see the difference between them.

      Untrusting yes, a lot. When you meet lots of men online who promise they love you and will travel to Philippines for you (but finally never do it), I understand that you can become an untrusting person.

      Nevertheless, thanks for your comment, congratulations for three years of a successful relationship with your ladyboy girlfriend, and come often to check my new posts eheh

  3. Thanks for your blog, I’m excited I just fell in love with a ladyboy and like you had always felt the same age since i was young. She just became my girl friend and already she dose all the little things that all my ex girl friends never would do. Cheers , – Chris

  4. ive been dating my girl for 3 years now and she arrives in new zealand this saturday for her first visit, its only fair as ive been to thailand 8-9 times over the last 3 years. The best thing i ever did once i was aware it was a serious relationship was tell everyone about it , i let people as questions and 90 percent of people were great, ive even made a few more friends.

    Other than how my girl looks which blows me away each day ,im just in love with someone who happens to be transexual , nothing more nothing less.

    One thing that did suprise me was how easy it was for her to get a vistors visa to new zealand, i would advice anyone who wants to bring there partner to there home country , take lots and lots of picture to prove your relationship is true, always make sure lots of pictures with your girl family , including mum ;-0)

    anyway glad i found this site


    • That’s a beautiful story, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad for her visitor visa, because it’s usually a pain to get it (soo hard for the Schengen visa if the girl doesn’t have the money…)

      Hope to hear from you again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. LBGF out shopping with my best female friend today, first week nearly over cant beleive how quick its going , not one issue no negatives comments all my friends been so nice to her not because ladyboy but because she a great person. tomorrow night having a big party.

    living the dream at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. my girls is from bangkok, she went home yesterday i cant beleive how quick the 3 weeks went. we were looking at making it a permement move in april next year but the trip went so so well we are going to try and bring it forward to December.. We did not have any issue or negative comments while she was in new zealand , my kids loved her to bits and my friends loved her for been her, nothing else.
    i fly to bangkok in october for a family wedding only 89 days to go ;(

  7. hi simon! omg! your blog is just so amazing and surreal. how i wish all guys in the world are like you. who thinks exactly as you do.,.reading all ur blog articles makes my heart so happy. ur sweet appreciation to ladyboys is just wonderful. i wish all the luck with ur ladyboy anne. how i wish i could find a man like you soon. ciao! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kool blog. im 21, from toronto, i been talkin 2 this beautiful ladyboy from bangkok, for a couple weeks and i honestly can not stop thinking about her. I never been with a ladyboy but im not even interested in pu$$y anymore. Me n this girl talk like were crazy about each other, i h8 2 brag but im handsome stud, she thinks im perfect and is having doubts that we could start a relationship. I dont know what 2 do im goin insane!!!

  9. Hi Simon,i would make it a hobby reading ur articles. Made me feel hopeful because am already 34, surprisingly single frm the philippines and i think there’s someone ouT there who’S dying to be with me for the rest of my life… some people just dont realized how great girlfriend i could be and money is never my issue though am not a well-off ladyboy. Have a great day Simon.

  10. I am a New Zealand citizen I currently live and work in Australia what I would like to no can I take my ladyboy girlfriend to New Zealand and marry and then will she have the right to New Zealand passport

  11. I am so happy that a real boy could love shemale. And i hope so that one of this days i can also have a boy to be my lover . therefore, we the shemales are will educated in every aspects … Thanks that i found this article , now at least i know that a shemale is become more useful to a boys who respects our personality as being a shemale …

    • Of course, ladyboys are women and should be respected as such. And I see more and more genuine men looking for a relationship with a ladyboy, our world is going into the right direction in this regard ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hey i’m french, i was fantasies on trans women since few year because of porn (i have stop all porn to be free of the stereotype share by this media), i make my first time last week in malaysia with a sex worker. In fact, i was supposed to meet a ladyboy (just meet nothing more), but for personal reason she was preferring to wait i came back for a longer time.
    A made my first time at this moment because i had the feeling i need to test, to see if i can’t do it or if i like it, and it was cheaper here than in Australia where i live for now. Finally i appreciated it like with a genetic girl, and after this i was keep chatting with the one i was supposed to meet (sadly it not will be before 6 month maybe one year), and I really start to think i can be in relationship with a transgender. It’s why i joined your dating website, to have the chance to meet the good one. Sadly in Australia, transgenders are more rare, so less opportunities to meet someone true.

  13. Nice post, true, I just started dating with ladyboy, and it’s going great, I couldn’t cheat myself whole life ๐Ÿ™‚ Reg

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