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Today, let’s talk a bit about dating. You like ladyboys, you know that you want to date and get a ladyboy girlfriend, so now it’s time to mount your best horse, cow boy, and go look for this special girl.

Why would you use a dating website for finding your ladyboy girlfriend? The reason is straight forward: ladyboys (or transgenders) are difficult to find in real life. They exist, they are in every city and in every country, and often they pass incognito because they are so passable that when you cross one in the street, you can’t tell she is not a real girl. A guy who wants to find a real girl will have no problem going to a bar, a club or a mall and start talking to the girls he likes, he will usually have no surprise. But if you are looking for a ladyboy, it’s much more complicated! Can you spot the one or two transgenders who are hanging out in the mall this afternoon, amongst the two thousands people here? Impossible! And not all the transgenders hang out in gay bars. Actually, a big part of them stay away from the LGBT community, and don’t like the idea of being categorised as such. Thus, the solution is to turn yourself to a dating website, specialised for ladyboys.

Ladyboys from everywhere in the world

Ladyboy Kisses is a reference in the field of dating websites for ladyboys (it’s always the one I recommend, and all my friends have an account there). I am going to present you this website, because I believe it’s one of the best, and I know that the staff is doing a good job in fighting against the scammers and supporting their members. Actually, they don’t advertise much, and they don’t feature any porn or cam shows. The website looks ugly (to my standards) but the user database and the service are good enough to make you meet quality people.

Most of the girls on Ladyboy Kisses are from the Philippines (75%). I think the website has started to grow a reputation in the Philippines since the beginning, and even some of the staff are Filipinos. Word of mouth about the quality of the website, and it spread quick. Of course, Philippines is one of the country in the world that has the biggest population of ladyboys (with Thailand), but what makes it good is that Filipino ladyboys speak a far better English than Thai ladyboys.

The rest of the ladyboys on this dating site are mainly split between Thailand, USA and UK. Many come from Germany also. To my experience, Asian ladyboys who have relocated to Europe/USA also keep their account on this site, but there are also a bunch of caucasian ladyboys.

And surprisingly, many men on this website are young (from 20 to 30 years old) and of course most of them are westerners (USA, UK, Europe…), which makes a good match with the young sexy ladyboys registered there. It’s a good opportunity to ditch away the cliché of the old westerner who is looking for a young Asian bride.

How to maximise your search on Ladyboy Kisses

What’s going to happen when you register on this site (and of course I strongly recommend that you post pictures of you!) is that many girls will come and talk to you. The staff of the site puts a big effort in reviewing each profile manually and eliminate the scammers and fake profiles. They also review the profiles of the men. Asian ladyboys have a tendency to prefer Westerners over Asians, and they are not shy to make the first step and contact you first. So you will need to be well organised, and eliminate the girls that you don’t like (just politely tell them that you are not interested) and focus on the essential, just a couple of girls, the ones that you prefer.

Registration is free, and you can watch all the profiles and the pictures, do research by country, age and others… But you need to pay to be able to contact them (you can read their messages to you, but not reply). Memberships are for one month, three months, six months or one year. More than three months will probably never be necessary. One month is maybe short. Girls create accounts and then delete it when they find a boyfriend… And when they break up they create a new one again, that’s why it’s good to watch the list of new ladyboys on the site regularly, the database is naturally being renewed often. Once you are registered, try to make as much contacts as possible, and to exchange email address, so that when your membership is expired, you can still communicate. Membership price is in euros, so thanks to the financial crisis in Europe, americans, aussies and brits will pay a lot less 😉

Good news for the ladies: there is no membership fee for you, and you can send and receive messages for free. (let’s be gentlemen!)

Beware the scammers and you’ll be fine

Of course, you will be cautious and beware the scammers. Anywhere you go online, there are scammers, and Ladyboy Kisses is no exception. If you find a fake profile on the site, you can report it to the staff and they will delete it. Help your fellow ladyboy lovers by reporting the scammers, it’s the best you could do. Also, don’t send any money to a girl you just met and you don’t know. Don’t always trust the pictures only, if you can see her on cam it’s always a confirmation that she’s at least not the basic scammer with a fake profile.

Ladyboy kisses is one of my favourite websites for dating ladyboys, and most of my ladyboy friends have an account there… so I believe there is a reason why! Both my ladyboys friends and men give me good feedbacks about it, so I believe you will find it worth having a look, at least in free membership (you can read all profiles and look at pictures for free). You will find the registration on this page: register on Ladyboy Kisses.

Thanks for reading, and hope you’ll find what you are looking for there 🙂 I’ll post more dating tips and guidelines in a next post, to help you save time and money in your quest for your ladyboy girlfriend. Keep updated!

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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6 thoughts on “Dating ladyboys online

  1. A non-negligible amount of scammers on this dating site, but I globally met some awesome girls… you just have to know how to spot the scammers and keep the good girls, as simple as it.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Have you ever consider a man who mostly discreet about his relationship to transwoman? I come from Indonesia, met once at that time through that website, and he was just prefer looking for sexual partner, because he thought transwoman is more sexy and safety, but not going out in public. I found that such a naive person.

    Anyway, being transwoman I think it’s not only passable physically (whether having a big breast or slim body, or great in bed), there is something else beyond that value, it called “connection” or “chemistry”. As dating online in my own experience, most men I’d guess just look for sex or being judge over transwomen appearance (pretty offensive!), although they put in their account want to build a commitment.

    what a shame story, isn’t?!

    But I believe there is a right time for everything!

    • Well it’s actually very common story Jane. You know that so many men like ladyboys, but a few have the balls to asume it.

      But they exist, nevertheless, and I’m trying to make them connect with the right serious ladyboys out there also!

      The community is getting bigger and bigger, I am so thankful to everybody for that! Have you checked my FB group btw?

  3. Great story about LBK, Simon!
    Have you got a great relationship with one favorite LB, now?
    I ended up with one who did NOT meet my original specs, but now that we started our friendship, I am happy with hir. Funny how things work out!
    I would like to add that LBK has a GREAT feature on its search page, “Consider also the partner’s wishes for your age”!
    Since I AM an older fellow, this is a great time saver. I think all sites should enable you to filter not only for your potential partner’s characteristics, but also what THEY want about YOU, not just age, but everything!.
    Of course, since sites get paid per click or rated by traffic, they are not motivated to save their members time.
    The LBK video chat works better for me than many other sites.
    I would also like to point out that there are a lot of errors on the LBK profiles. For instance, a lot of them say they speak Italian! Thisa gotta be a mistake! Maybe it is in the computer, or maybe the LBs misunderstand the online form they have to fill out. Others say they have kids, and when I contact them, they did not.
    I was originally looking for someone mid-aged, mature enough to know what they want without changing their mind all the time, and maybe even with kids. The LB I ended up with is a lot younger, and no kids, but hir profile pic was from when sie was in a beauty contest, (2nd runner-up, yay!) and sie had that heavy pancake makeup on that seems so popular in Asia, so I did not catch on to hir age right away. By the time I figured out her profile was wrong, we were friends. Sie did correct all hir profile errors right away when we figured it out, and I like her a lot and am sticking just with her. I know sie is real, because we cam chat, and sie sends photos of hir in beauty contests, university events, (with hir in uniform!) and town festivals, which it would be real hard to fake.
    I can still contact hir, and all the members I contacted during my one month package, but not anyone new. My one-month package actually lasted for 3 months, so I had plenty of time to enjoy many LB friends, and choose my main squeeze.
    So, I would rate LBK 5 stars, the best LB site around. Lee

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