Dating ladyboys? Don’t be fooled!

If you are like me, you are attracted to transgender women, and want to seriously date ladyboys. It’s already a big step to take this attraction to the serious stage, as most guys don’t do it. My blog is actually dedicated to these guys, the ones who assume their special attraction and want to make it real, the guys who are strong enough to stand the stares of the ignorants and not mind about the dogmas of the society.

But we need to go an extra mile. If you’re new to the game of dating with ladyboys, then you are a potential and easy target for the malicious and predatory ones. Most of the guys that I know who are trans-oriented are nice guys, they’re sweet to their girlfriend and generous. Sometimes it makes me upset to see how some ladyboys make advantage of them, because they’re fucking serious and good guys! Ladyboys usually strive to find a good guy, a guy who will treat them well and not consider them as sex objects only. Unfortunately, the good guys and the genuine ladyboys don’t always meet. The good guys usually have their first experience with a bitch who will crush their heart and rip them off. They usually have enough and definitely quit dating ladyboys and get back to real girls. And the genuine ladyboys usually collect the bad experiences with perverts and liars.

Anyways, I would like to write some thoughts about how a trans-oriented man should take care of not getting himself into a sad story and a bad experience.

Why you are an easy target

You are an easy target when you meet one of these conditions:

  • you never dated an Asian woman (and by Asian I especially mean Thai or Filipino)
  • you never dated a ladyboy (sex with an escort is NOT a date)
  • you are a good guy, naturally nice and generous (which is good, don’t change!)
  • you are looking for something serious, this is not just a fantasy to you

You’re a western man, you’re usually mature (above 25, chances are you’re not playing anymore and want a serious love story) and you want to find a partner for life. You have the good old christian values that make you a “good guy”: faithful, loyal, supportive. Because you’re a westerner, society already conditioned you to plan for the future, have savings, be wise in your spendings… And that’s all good qualities that a girl is looking for, and that’s good qualities that usually are harder to find in Asian men. So let me tell you guys, you’re a catch for Asian ladyboys. The drawback is, you’re also a perfect target for malicious ladyboys. They know pretty well all of this, what are the common traits of an average western man and how to make advantage of it. Worse, they give the tips to their young “sisters” very early. With the mass effect, it’s difficult not to get tempted.

Don’t make me wrong of course, it’s not to generalise and not all of the Asian ladyboys would behave that way. I am the lucky proud example of a happy guy having a genuine relationship with a very good hearted Filipino ladyboy, and I have many ladyboy friends who are all as decent. I also got fooled in the past. I could see the difference between transgenders in Europe/USA and transgenders in Asia, and the difference is big. I got fooled with my first Filipino ladyboy girlfriend some years ago, got my heart into pieces and my pockets empty. But this is for another article 😉

You guys are an easy target. Always be careful before you really get to know a person, even if she is the most adorable petite Asian girl you ever seen, sometimes the devil has a pretty face.

Use common sense to prevent you a heart breaking

If you’re going to Asia for the first time and playing the game of dating ladyboys, then you might at first lose your mind. You will probably go to a red light district in Bangkok or Manila, and see how all the pretty ladies are after you. Even though you date one for some days, she will quickly push you to become boyfriend and girlfriend, and if you let yourself overwhelmed by your emotions, you might fall into the trap. Nobody falls in love at first sight, that’s not love, that’s simple attraction, that’s a trick of your heart and mind. Many ladyboys are very good at seducing men and making them fall in love. Get a girlfriend when you’re in Asia for holidays, I will advise your to be careful, sit down and think after the flow of emotions is gone.

Of course when you’re dating an Asian ladyboy, you shall behave as a perfect gentleman (you’d do the same with a genetic girl, right?). And especially because we’re in Asia, you must be the one to pay and offer: restaurant, drinks, club, cinema. That represents more money for a Filipino than for you. But set some limits. Don’t let her ask for gifts, gifts must come from you. And don’t offer her unreasonably expensive gifts, she might be very happy with inexpensive things, as long as you’re original and make it a sweet attention.

I insist: you should not be the one to support your ladyboy girlfriend. Of course, in your couple you’re likely to be the one with the biggest incomes, but is that a reason for supporting her (and her family) without even her having a job? That’s not what I call love. And that’s not even good for herself, what will happen to her in the future if ever you break up and she’s not so young, beautiful and sexy enough anymore to hook up easily with another foreigner? She’s under-qualified with no work experience and she’ll strive to cope with her life. In my opinion, that’s not helping her. (I will write a dedicated article on that topic soon)

To conclude, I will say that it’s a mistake to think that mentalities and culture are the same with Asian ladyboys than for the girls you known before in your western country. Mentalities are different. Conditions in these countries are different. And it takes time to understand. Thailand and Philippines are awesome countries, with awesome people, and ladyboys are great. You have everything to win when you get to know them, and have an Asian ladyboy girlfriend. But it is different. Therefore be very careful, don’t fall into the traps, dodge the malicious, and get documented!

There are so many things I could write about how good hearted foreign men get sometimes fooled by an Asian ladyboy, but this is now the end of the article 🙂 That’s an important part of the book I published this year, you will find everything you need to know if you’re into seriously getting a ladyboy girlfriend: Guide on dating ladyboys.

As usual, I invite you to comment and share your opinion on the topic. I might become more and more controversial in my articles. To be honest, that’s what my new Facebook group inspires me, because it’s one of the recurrent topics: how to ditch away the malicious ladyboys and the pervert assholes to only keep the quality people, and form couples that work.

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there

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73 thoughts on “Dating ladyboys? Don’t be fooled!

  1. Well I admit i got fooled 5-6 years ago. Meet a wonderfull ladyboy trugh a web sid! and i thaught i knew all the scams… i did not!

    Stupid as i was i let her handel my money when i was there (not all of it but some and not my credit card) and funny enough after abouth 1 week we where out of funds. and i was hmm how can that be?
    I later found out she put a side some of it! (ill come back to what later)

    And whil i was there her phone kept rinning often and she walk away n spoke english… Odd.. well im well behaved so i did not ask!

    Well i was much in love,and we had to have some engagment rings, so she wannet a ring whit diamonds… wupty around 60.000 bath. and i felt so forced it to giving her one. ( its still on her finger)

    It was a wonderfull time! thoes 14 dayes.

    Then i came home and was wondering something, and found my gf on several datingsites and newly updates on it. I was shocked! and asked abouth it… we had long talks online abouth it and manny problems.. then she turnet evrything around (she is good ad that) so i was the problem and she was a saint.

    Well i mett her again n had her visiting my contry! Where she made manny problems so i had to send her back home after 3 weeks (2 month to early)

    i realy loved her madly… and tryed to get back whit her eaven moved so she cut come to me again!

    But she had other men. (did not tell me)

    today i have very littel contact whit her 2 times a year.

    I know she have been marriged 2 times (no papers) and she dont live in a shack any more but in a 12 million bath house whit swimingpool ( she got that build 1½ year after she and i quit)

    She have had manny men. I know becorse of her i all wayes check people up on dating sites and do so regulary so i can avoid to fall in the same trap again. She is still on them and use them all the time!

    But me im luck have a sweet gf in Cebu thats honest! And we are goind steady 2 years now!

    • She must have ripped off many men for affording a 12 millions baths house. I’m glad that this bad experience didn’t make you generalise and hate ladyboys, kudos for your Cebuana girlfriend 🙂

  2. I really admire what you are doing for the trans society. I’m not a transsexual but I am proud of my trans sisters. I hope that there are many men like you. Keep it up! 😀

  3. You make a good point about the Christian thing. I am always criticizing Christianity because they have taken away (DOMA) our rights. But my Filipino ladyboy fiance is Christian and she is golden.

    Big difference between western Christianity and eastern Christianity. My fiance say’s there are a lot of ladyboys in her Filipino churches. They wouldn’t even be a allowed in a western church.

    I might be more on my guard with Thailand ladyboys compared to Filipino ladyboys. I am generalizing obviously.

    But I will be honest. I doubt I will EVER date an American shemale ever again. I have a lot of experience with that. They are so arrogant over here and they think the world revolves around them and it baffles my mind. It baffles my mind because many of them have absolutely nothing to offer a guy like me besides headaches, problems, and bullshit.

    I have zero tolerance for bullshit no matter how great looking they are. They can be the hottest on the planet but if they offer me 10% bullshit they will be history. My Filipino ladyboy offers me absolutely no bullshit and asks for nothing. The fact that she asks for nothing makes me want to give her something.

    I guess my point is even though you have to be wise and discerning with eastern ladyboys it is nothing compared to the bullshit of western shemales. I got tired of having to date 100 “girls” from the west to find even 1 I liked. Pretty picky. But I don’t have to deal with a ratio even close to that with eastern ladyboys.

    • You’ve got a point mate. If we had to draw a characteristics about humility between western shemales and eastern ladyboys, eastern ladyboys are in general far more humble and easy going.

    • I have always found Thai ladyboys (I have very little experience with Fillipinas) are just happy if you treat them as a lady!

      Just like someone in a wheelchair just wants to be treated like a normal person!

  4. Hello, what a great website you have here. I am an American who is trans-attracted (I’ve dated transwomen before and am not just curious or anything). I love your articles but have a practical problem…can an American man find a job in Asia? I was saving up money to fly to Manila to look for work but I lost it due to a fraud and now I am stumped as to find a way to live in the Philippines and find a transgender girlfriend. Any ideas? Would I be welcomed?

    • Some jobs are easier to find than others. Basically, if you can work online or if you can make your own business, these are the best ways. Or if you have a skill that locals don’t have.

  5. Hi, I am a Filipina transgender here in the philippines, I had 2 failed relationships with a canadian and a British national. Didn’t ask for money from them , and I have decent work as a call center agent and I own a dress shoppe and salon. Maybe we were not that compatible, I am not a saint, maybe I have my bad side too, but I learned from my mistakes,and will try to change for the better and I am still not giving up to meet my future husband! \(@@)/

  6. I am 26, and have lived in Bangkok for 2 years.

    I do not have a relationship with a ladyboy, but I have casually dated some. I am actually in a longterm relationship with a Thai girl.

    In reading these articles I feel I want to contribute. Firstly, a saying I heard that rings so true….. “You would never shake an apple tree expecting oranges to fall, so don’t shake a whore tree expecting angels to fall out of it!”

    Secondly, as far as it goes for supporting you partner, heed my words of advice! I take this idea from a UK millionaire called Peter Jones (Dragons Den). He (Peter) has set up a trust for his children that will pay 1pound (GBP) for every pound they earn, unless they are in a charitable, low paid job like nursing – where it will pay 2GBP for every 1GBP earnt.

    My girlfriend earns 10,000THB (Thai Baht – approx 200GBP) each month, cleaning. I then give her 10,000THB per month. If she earns nothing, I will give her nothing. This encourages her to work for the reasons already stated on this site (state of mind etc). This also means if she wants to go to the cinema with her sister, or send money to her mother, she can do this.

    Regarding gifts, it is my experience most Thai (and maybe Fillipina) ladies/ladyboys would rather you take them for a “street food” meal costing 30 – 50THB (60penceGBP – 1GBP) per dish than take them to a fancy 5star resturant!

    Remember this, and you will do well! Do not expect an active working girl (whore) to give up her trade to stay with you for something small like 10,000THB – 20,000THB a month, when without you she sould be earning 40,000THB – 80,000THB, and enjoying her work, for the most part!!!

  7. Bonjour,

    j’ai fait la connaissance d’une adorable ladyboy thailandaise, j’en suis amoureux, je crois qu’elle est aussi amoureuse de moi, n’ayant aucune expérience préalable, j’aimerais bien en savoir plus, à savoir lire votre livre.
    Est-il possible de l’avoir en langue Française ?


    • Bonjour,

      Malheureusement mon livre n’est disponible qu’en anglais, je ne sais pas si je trouverai le temps un jour de le traduire dans une autre langue (je parle français et espagnol, mais c’est plutôt une question de temps…). Désolé!

  8. i have seen so many our blokes from AU, GB, USA, NZ Germany,ETC treat these ladyboys like absolute dirt no wonder that some of them retaliate.I have at a moment very good relationship, which I hope will eventuate to lasting one decency is the word and I observed that biggest asset Asian ladyboys posses is incredible amount of GRACE

  9. I am a ladyboy from philippines and i Definitely agree with this statement. “The good guys usually have their first experience with a bitch who will crush their heart and rip them off. They usually have enough and definitely quit dating ladyboys and get back to real girls. And the genuine ladyboys usually collect the bad experiences with perverts and liars.”

    thats why its hard for me to trust guys as of these days… i am not a saint nor an angel, i have my imperfections too but why do i always fall for the right guy..

    why do these bitches always get what they want while the humble one’s get the wrong person?

    i have been fooled so many times,. that guys would say that they like me but theyre chatting a lot of ladyboys.,.. then they would want to meet me after meeting the others and fuck us all?

    We are not a food on the table that u can eat and try all u can then choose who’s “taste’s best”

  10. I will try to read your article more thoroughly when I have more time. But I did see a lot of concern about ladyboys not having skills or able to support themselves. I’m sure that’s true in many cases but when I was there I dated a ladyboy getting a master’s degree and I was very proud of that person. Unfortunately, the relationship ended later and I still feel sad about that but just like my past relationships with women that ended later, that’s the way it is and well that’s life. OK I’ll try to think of more to say some other time. Thanks for nice article.

  11. the ones that send shivers down my spine are the ones involved in murder.There is one present in one popular site that keeps changing name appearance etc that i befriended online for a while,just chat and within a short time i came to the conclusion that most probably she “terminated” her last scandinavian middle aged well to do boyfriend with an “accident”.She ended up with all the cash in the bank,house and land in the north of thailand.scary stuff.

  12. Most Filipino guys are transphobic because we are bounded by culture. Im a Filipino ladyboy, I want to find my own man. I preferred westerners because they are more exposed and open-minded. Im independent, i earn my own. I financed my own study, without seeking help from anyone

  13. I too have been through a lot of bad experiences with ladyboys . I one time met a ladyboy 2 years ago who was butuan city Philippines . Thought she was going to treat me proper but turned out she just wanted to use me for money . Sadly I had to end the relationship . I still do not give up hope on finding my true ladyboy love . I am a very nice guy but so far its been very hard for me to find that potential right ladyboy .

    • Hi Bill, I think all the guys who are now in a well working relationship with a ladyboy have been fooled at least once before that. It’s the “rite of passage”. And I make no exception, I got fooled a couple of times before meeting the right one.

      The newbies are naive, and some gold digger ladyboys are real good hunters. I like to think that getting fooled is a blessing after all, it makes you stronger and it’s a good lesson learnt for going on searching for the right ladyboy for you.

  14. I’m a ladyboy and it’s my first time joining a dating site exclusively for us like this one.. i hope i can find my true love here.. I’m so tired of searching and joining other sites (not exclusively for LBs) with lots of not so nice men. All they want is just cam sex and i don’t like that.. All i really want is to have a serious relationship with the man i love..

  15. Good article which I wish I read before going to Manila for the first time last month. If your ever looking for other experiences for your blog I’d be happy to share some lessons I learnt for my next visit!

  16. Hi, top blog.
    The bit at the start about don’t be fooled pretty much resembles what’s happening to me right now.
    I met a Filipino ladyboy on a dating site about two months ago, before we met I was aware that she was an escort. At first I wasn’t expecting anything to come of our one night together but we started seeing each other about two or three times a week after that, no money involved.
    She also works in a hotel as a cleaner full time & she says she only does the escort thing to pay extra bills & help her family in the fillipines, which I believe because I’ve helped her pack boxes full of stuff to send them.
    We have developed quite a strong & intimate connection but my instincts tell me that something is not right.
    I don’t like to do this but when she fell asleep the other night I went through the phone she uses for escorting & read all the messages from clients & some were just normal clients that want a ladyboy but there is a few more that seem like she knows them well. Messages that say things like I miss you you & when are you coming over again & I’ve got the dresses that you wanted. just stuff that doesn’t sit right with me.
    She says that she doesn’t escort from home but I’ve seen the messages describing her address & which door to go to.
    It is confusing as well because I don’t use the number that she uses for escorting, I have her real phone number & I know her real name.
    She says she loves me & she wants a meaningful relationship but is scared because of being hurt so many times before, I want nothing more than a meaningful loving relationship with a ladyboy but all I seem to find is lying drug addict hookers & it’s doing my head in.
    I really like this girl & I honestly don’t know what to do, I’ve made her sound really bad here but she is a very nice beautiful woman, she was miss transexual Australia a few years ago.
    I don’t like my feelings being mangled like this & usually I would just get rid of someone like this but there’s something that is making me stick around & I don’t know why or what.
    I don’t give her any money & she doesn’t ask for any, she’s very respectful & always seems genuine but I just don’t trust her after seeing the phone, I want to tell her that I crept through her phone but I don’t want her to lose it at me, I know I wouldn’t like that if someone went through my phone like that.
    Maybe I should cut my losses but here in Australia ladyboys are not easy to find, especially decent ones that are genuine & not escorting or on drugs.
    Any advice will be much appreciated.
    Sorry this post was so long.

    • Hi Guy, very interesting story, thanks for sharing.

      Well, it’s important to make the difference between an escort and a gold digger / beggar.

      Your girlfriend seems to be a good girl, even though she is a sex worker. She seems to genuinely have feelings with you.

      The type of ladyboys that I dislike are those who lie, deceive, and fool naive and generous guys. And often these girls are not sex workers. And of course the opposite is true also, I have prostitute friends who are good girls, with good hearts.

      So… can’t give you a definite answer but it’s really up to you. Being a prostitute is not necessarily a sign that she’s not genuine to you. It’s a red flag, it’s annoying… but IMO you can’t draw conclusions yet.

    • I know that this is an old thread, but I am posting my thoughts anyway as I believe this is a timeless lesson for all relationships.

      Although I don’t condone searching a lady’s personal stuff for information, you did it and you’ve now found some information. If you don’t want to confess that you were snooping, then keep it to yourself but do the following. I would use the information to guide some deep heart-to-heart discussion with her. Dig deeper. Open those communications. Tell her that, no matter what she has done in the past or present, that you value her honesty above all. I did this in my last relationship, and I was ultimately blown away by my girlfriend’s deep dark secrets that she had never shared with anyone. Her past was very checkered, but her revelations put her past into context and I chose to stay with her. I actually found myself admiring her resilience to adversities that would have crushed me. I had a deep and rich relationship with her for years. Honesty is imperative and it takes work to build trust. (Oh, and this only works if you are willing to open up your secrets as well! And stop the snooping!)

  17. I didnt know how and why I landed here but i dont care even i stayed so late reading. This blog is really great and helpful. Thank you for speaking in behalf of the transgenders and guys who had lots of experience about dating eachother. I hope you will help more people and lead them to the right ones. Most especially i want to thank you for separating the trash transgenders from the treasure ones, its sad that those bad things happen but still grateful that better relationships are existing.

  18. Great site and forum Simon. I have a question here for you and any of the Filipino and Thai Ladyboys. When you say western men, do you mean white men? In the West, for over 5 decades there have been many Black, Mixed, Mediterranean, even Asian men, who are born and raised here, and therefore although they do not look like a Western man, they think like one, and because they have lived there their whole life, they are in fact Western/Westernised if you get my meaning. Would you date these men or give them an honest chance? I, myself am black and trans attracted. i have been with Latin and White girls in the past. You’re thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Hey Justin, yeah basically when I’m talking about “western men”, I encapsulate the Afro Americans, Mediterraneans, Mixed blood men… It’s not really about the race or the colour actually. It’s about the mentality, attitude, behaviour… that we have in the west

  19. I have never dated a LB before, but have no intentions on ever getting tricked by anyone even as a first timer. The only time I’ve been lied to or mislead to where it effected me in a financial sense was with a For-Profit college that managed to con $50,000 in student loans out of me somehow. Which is why I’m suing them and their afraid of me.
    When it boils down to dating, I am aware of how ladyboys operate. I’m only 27 years of age, I’ve been on both and in fact I had a paid membership with and only met at least three lb’s there that asked me for cash up front. One did it right there with her half of her family on webcam, soon as that happened I shook my head in disappointment.

    I know how poor the country is really, and I’ve always felt that White men were easier and larger targets than black men anyway. People by default associate my race with being poor unless you’re a black celeb. But I don’t mind being associated with being “poor” if I ever become wealthy you think I’ll tell someone about it? No. I’d rather take advice from the movie Coming to America, let them think your poor, challenge their love, and if it’s real then it shouldn’t matter if you have money or not.

    Most men get advantage taken of them because their very dumb and lack a sense of direction. Men need to be direct, let your girl know that your relationship isn’t built on money or finances. Tell her that when her ass dies, nothing she paid for will be brought into the after life. When my mom told me that, that’s when I began caring less and less about materialistic crap. The fact that once I’m dead it all stays here for someone else to enjoy it. Another thing is falling for girls that use their bodies to attract you.

    On there are A LOT of ladyboys who have been there for decades, these are the ones that look like cheap and sometimes “expensive” whores that complain about how men are only interested in sex, they talk about how they have good intentions to be in a real relationship and yet their photographs is telling you something else. I mean really a woman with over 13,000 or more views, photos of her mostly in her underwear, bikinis, etc. Then shes trying to tell you in her profile how she’s tired of meeting fake people, people who aren’t serious, etc. Your wondering “Bitch your the one that’s not serious! Stop frontin with the bs, and put some goddamn clothes on.”
    And believe me they know how to get a lot of views. Even old or ugly ones posing half naked can rack up a good deal of male viewers checking them out.

    Some even take pictures inside of their glamorous bedroom, and yet their still claiming to be poor or something. You have to wonder wtf kind of person has over 9 different designer bags hanging up on the wall can afford that, wide screen TV, cellphone, laptop, and all the other expensive look sh*t in her bedroom. Probably some foolish male or a few she met gave it all to her. And this is the issue I have with most of the Caucasian men. They know how badly these women pursue them for finances, but instead of being smart about it. They try to buy them off or prove a point that the best thing about being a Caucasian male in a third world country is flaunting and spending all your money to take care of some useless female or ladyboy that live on the financial support of other people just to tell it to her friends.

    Women over in the Philippines and Thailand all have poor reps, and the ones that are good willed should speak up and fight against the BS that some of their own is doing to others. I know I would, especially if it was making it tougher for me to find a mate. Bad people aren’t influenced by good unless their mature enough to be.
    I’m a good hearted man, and it’s impossible for a Ladyboy or a woman to take advantage of me these days. If they think they can, I sure as hell welcome them to try. They will get sent right home crying, and I’ll break them to the point of suicide if they tried to come at me with some BS.

    • Now that’s an excellent comment, thank you very much for that! I hope more men would have common sense like you so that romance scams stop being a profitable activity.

  20. I have been dating a philipino for eight months. I don’t regret it. But I am not sure I fully trust her. She is a networker. Very business orientated. But it beginning to cost too much. I don’t see it ending happily.

  21. i am a 40 year old ladyboy from Asia. i am a very honest,genuine and not materialistic person,but unfortunately the men ive ever dated until now proved to be bad guys taking advantage of me financially. where do u think i can find a really good man with whom i can share the rest of my life? drop me a line,please. thanks for ur help.

  22. I am not sure how I came across your site but I found it very interesting to read how people feel , I was just wondering whether you knew of ladyboys that have relationships with women? Surely they are just classed as homosexual..? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi XS! Yes, a ladyboy with a woman would be classified as “lesbian” indeed. Well, I have known A LOT of ladyboys, and none of them was ever attracted to women. Apparently this is more common with Western trans women (who either like women or other trans women). But in Asia, really, even myself I have never encountered a lesbian ladyboy.

  23. Hi Simon,

    I’m Thai-American (post-op ladyboy) but I do not know nothing about Thailand their culture & language at all. My family is white (Irish/German) and they adopted me since 3 months old baby. First time, I flew to Bangkok, Thailand in Jan. 2012 within 2 1/2 weeks. Everyone is looking at me and they think I’m woman and US Citizen but they don’t think I’m transsexual or ladyboy, interesting. It make me wonder and why. I haven’t met any ladyboy in Thailand, nothing. I met bunch of women and men by Thai. I love reading an articles what you wrote about your experienced in Thailand or Far East Asia.

    • Hi Veronica, thank you for your comment! A Thai ladyboy who has never lived in Thailand, that’s a pretty unusual profile 😀

  24. Hi Simon,
    i have a question, am a real woman nt a ladyboy: but my problem is with my husband, we’ve been married for 5 years now and we av a child together, but b4 we meet he’s been in Thailand & Malaysia for 2 yrs, he told me about that, but he never told me that he had anything to do wth ladyboys; but for 2 months now, i found out that he’s been on a website called ‘planetromeo’ and becoz i needed an explaination, he told me he’s been on this website becoz he’s been trying to revenge back( the surprise is that he’s been on this website for 7 yrs) and the story is that: he meet a girl in Thailand from a club and dated her for 2weeks and then later on b4 they had sex he realised that it was a ladyboy and that shocked him, and thats the reason he’s revenging becoz he said she tricked him, do you believ that..? And my question is:, lets say’ he never wanted anything to do with them ladyboys like he says, why would he spent all those years in such a Website and even in to such an extent that he even put his naked pics on his profile in that Website, do you think he’s just scared to come clean and instead he’s trying to fool me?!!

    • Hi Venessa,

      I don’t know the full story for your husband, but I can tell you this: it’s not an easy thing for a man to come out openly about his attraction to ladyboys. I understand that some men feel like making up stories rather than admitting it.

  25. Hmmm, I’m feeling a little emotionally torn about the Filipino ladyboy I am dating, I met her on MLBD, one of the biggest flags comes up, money and asking me. Now this is were it starts to get really confusing for my emotions. I’ve seen her on cam, her photos look genuine, she has family in my country, I feel that she is honest about her situation, no work, its common, her situation especially in the Philippines, right? Her photos show no signs of exorbitant items. Her bedroom looks very plain with material hanging for privacy barriers. I’ve seen photos of her here in my country with her family that lives here. I’m prepared for her to come to meet me and hopefully we get along so well she will stay. Now I am not wealthy and not lucky enough to have money to lose and not be burdened by it. I explained my situation and she says she will still like me even I’m poor. So I’d really like to help her but how do I know if she is genuine. I wish she never asked, I was already thinking to send a little to her for her personal needs. How can I be certain she is genuine. Some good signs she is genuine but should I shy away because of the biggest red flag or maybe she genuinely needs help. She doesn’t live in a big city.

    I really like her.

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment. Well, you already know my stand regarding financial support to your Filipino ladyboy girlfriend… I am against it.

      First, because since this is an Internet relationship and you haven’t met, you don’t *really* know her yet. It might still be a scam.

      Second, because even if she is genuine, and her feelings for you are real, as soon as you include money in the equation, it makes problems. She might get used to it, she might not feel the incentive to look for a job anymore, she might get mad if you are not able to send as much money some month… She might also get pressured by her peers, family or friends (“you have a foreign boyfriend, ask him more”). Even if it’s small amounts, it’s the mentality that sucks.

      My personal golden rule is to spend money for my girlfriend in the form of gifts, restaurants, holidays… she should not be dependent on me for supporting her living. Of course, I also do everything I can to help her in her career, because it is good for her in the long term (even if someday I disappear).

      It is true though that unemployment is very common in the Philippines, especially if she doesn’t live in a big city. And some jobs are too hard and are not worth it, like working in a farm, in a factory, that kind of things… I don’t know her background, but she could still look for a job that she can do at home as long as she has a computer and an Internet connection (like virtual assistant, English content writer, ….). Check out websites like Help her bootstrap her career as a freelance virtual assistant, I think this is way more meaningful than sending her plain money.

      Hope this helps.

  26. Hi Simon,
    Im Asian men, indonesian actually, and trans attracted. .i have some experience to dating with LB in here before but yeah, its gone by the wind now. .the issue is always about money. Im a hard worker, working in a big company here and really want to have a long time relationship with thai or filipine LB. .and move to the place where we can easily life, coz its hard to life here since islamic religion are the biggest population here (sorry)
    So. .how you think bout that?? Can i still have a chance to get my LB mate there? What should i do then?? Im so so confuse bout it.

  27. Hi. I am a Norwegian guy (mature) who has signed up on your excellent website just a few days ago. The ladyboys find me attractive and the response is overwhelming. I am a decent guy and I do not want to have my or other hearts crushed. That could easily happen. I have even skyped with two young beautiful girls. But jealousy easily becomes a matter. They want to make me leave the site immediately so I can only concentrate on them. And they say to me that if they find out I that I seach the site they will never talk to me. So now I do not dare connecting to the site anymore. There are two girls I am in contact with and they have both declared their love to me. They are respectable ladyboys with good jobs. But I want to browse the sites still being a newcomer. I can hardly concentrate, and I need to because I have a strenous work to do.For me it is too early to decide. I feel I am in love with all the beautiful ladyboys contacting me and I know that someday I hope to marry one. I want to be honest with the girls. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi I’m quin a ladyboy Filipino (19 yrs old) , I’m very interested in handsome white guys ,
    I’ve dated one (his 18 yrs old) for one month and I never ask him for money or gifts but he definitely should pay for our dates,
    Its just so sad that I know for the first place this guy is very ignorant that he doesn’t know any education for gender oriented stuff ,

    We broke up chatting because he is a paranoid freak I can’t believe what he said I’m still 10% man 90% woman , (WTF!?) Because my dick still gets hard , It actually doesn’t gets hard if I forced it because I’m still on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) .

    I can’t forget that I’m still 10% man and that would make him gay he said , I’m so offended , don’t get me wrong but I see no discrimination on gay people , but the way he is seeing it is at offensive point of view ,

    My God I’m so can’t move on , I can’t believe him , no one even had ever told me or ask me if I’m a ladyboy which is not I’m denying but I’m proud of it , but he told me that I would make him gay if we had sex , thank God I didn’t loose my virginity with a freak like him .

    I just couldn’t find a right guy that is intelligent enough to accept me
    Because I don’t look like or sound because my voice is already girls like voice , a lot of people think I’m a girl ,

    But I’m definitely sweet spontaneous faithful decent ladyboy.
    But after reading this , gives me hope that I can find a man
    I just have to wait 😀

    • Sorry, but your ex is an idiot and don’t worry you’ll find someone special. People worry too much about labels. In reality we are who we are and labels are meaningless. Personally I top ladyboys. I find them irresistible. When I started dating transgender women I purposely outed myself by posting my relationship with a trans woman on Facebook. I think it’s important to be open about it otherwise it would be near impossible to hold a real LTR. You can’t fear what others think of you. You have to be true to yourself and persue happiness.

  29. a ladyboy in iran and i find this beautifull dating site today
    i really want to be a member of this site and find a friend
    i try to sign up but this site is filtered in my country and it needs a vpn to cross this filtering please help me how can i sign up .
    thank you

    • I had no idea there were transgender women in Iran. I know that most middle eastern countries don’t have the best support for the LGBT community and it sounds terrifying to be trans in that environment. Hope you stay safe. And if you ever want to smuggle Linda soda back to the US for me let me know ; )

  30. Hi, i am mira and i’m a shemale ..

    I really like this article and its my first to know that a shemale can have a partner with a real guy …

  31. I’m just a ladyboy who is unlucky to find my Destiny… I’m not also a saint but I’m proud to say that I’m not a gold digger… about the Lb who have that Diamond Ring I think she’s very happy with that…but the thing is there is always a big KARMA and I believe on that…because what is important is to feel the good intention not only for me but also for u… So she thinks she’s lucky but its her lose! and to all my ladyboy sisters out there plz let’s be fair and honest to someone who makes an effort to accept and love us because beauty
    comes from within…

  32. Its a shame western men are seeking their transsexual lover overseas. Im a passable transwoman, who transitioned at 19. I have had no luck with men in america, I have been treated very poorly, and all I wanted was to find a nice guy to fall in love with. Why travel to asia to find a tgirl, we are right here already. Many of us are not gold diggers, many of us are independant women, because we have had to be. Makes me sad, that most of my experiences with men have been so terrible that I started dating women, even though I was never bi sexual. Lesbians are the only people who treated me like a lady, but Id rather have been with a sweet nice guy the whole time. So sad. this article is sad.. why waste your time with gold digging asians.

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you for your comment. I think I speak in the name of most trans attracted men in this case: we go to Asia because we can’t find trans women in our respective countries! Well, we find some, but choice is limited, and it’s simply a matter of statistics.

      In Asia, we can meet trans women very naturally (during mainstream events / concerts, in the mall, coffee shop, bar, club…) because there are simply so many. And I must even be missing some of them because they’re too passable to be spotted.

      In the western countries where I used to live (France, UK, US, Canada) that is not the case. If I go to gay events, I can meet some, but that’s about it.

      That being said, we now have, with a growing number of members from the US, which I hope will eventually help every trans women find love.

  33. Hi. My name is billy and I’m an older guy seeking friendship that leads to marriage, I hope! I have read the posts here and am thankful for all the true and honest people and what they have said. I have never been “played for a sucker” if you will, as of yet so it comes as a wake up call to me. This is a great site and I have enjoyed it more than many others. There are 50s LB’s, lady’s) out there and I hope to find one. Life is short for all of us but never to late to love and be loved! Asia is I good start, just my preference! Thanks for reading and I hope we all find peace and love with our destiny!

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