About Simon

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here https://howtodatealadyboy.com and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there https://myladyboydate.com

My ladyboy dating guide

Many men feel attracted to ladyboys (or in the politically correct term: transgender women). This attraction is not abnormal (read: who are the ladyboy lovers), but it raises many challenges for these men who like this special type of girls.

The most common challenge being the following: where can I meet a decent ladyboy? Most of the western men already came across transvestites and tranny prostitutes in the streets of their city, most of the time not really attractive, and they’re not dressing like girls full time (usually just at night). The thing is, many transgender women just pass for real girls when you see them, walking in the street or hanging out in a mall. Sometimes it’s impossible to find out without a very closer look, or knowing the “hints”.

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Relationship with a ladyboy sex-worker

Why am I writing these lines about having a relationship with a ladyboy prostitute? Because the fact is that it is likely to happen to you if you are, like me, attracted to ladyboys. It’s a fact (but I can develop more in a future article): there are a substancial number of prostitutes amongst the population of ladyboys in Thailand and Philippines (and generally South East Asia I guess). And if it’s not prostitute, that can also be escort (which is slightly similar), cam whore or scam artist.

Going straight to the point, I believe that prostitution and relationship are contradictory. Do you see yourself having a girlfriend whose job is to sell her body to other men? Especially if you are a foreigner, and she is likely to have many foreign customers, how does this make you feel? Nah, there is something wrong… Unless she gives up her job for you, you are probably heading to a disaster, endless arguments, jealousy crises and a broken heart.

I think someone once said that the heart has its reasons which Reason doesn’t know (I even think this Pascal Blaise was French, oh), but hey, it’s totally possible that you might fall for a ladyboy sex-worker! What is prostitution but a job after all. Probably most of them are not doing it because they like it (but they might be more or less comfortable with their choice), and they are also humans, with a heart and a brain, they can have kind and adorable personalities and a good heart (they might also be ugly bitches, ugly in the inside I mean). Anyways, if this happens to you, there are a few issues that you should know about…

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Ladyboy video — Documentary in 6 episodes

Ladyboys is a documentary that has been broadcasted on Sky Living (a British TV channel) since May 2012, and is composed of 6 episods. I watched them of course and I believe they are pretty informative if you’re very new to the ladyboy world. Unfortunately they focus essentially on Thailand, putting Philippines and the other Asian countries aside. But of course Thailand has always been the most famous place regarding the ladyboy population. You will get pretty much a good overview of all the aspects that go around ladyboys, including the relationships between ladyboys and men.

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Dating ladyboys online

Today, let’s talk a bit about dating. You like ladyboys, you know that you want to date and get a ladyboy girlfriend, so now it’s time to mount your best horse, cow boy, and go look for this special girl.

Why would you use a dating website for finding your ladyboy girlfriend? The reason is straight forward: ladyboys (or transgenders) are difficult to find in real life. They exist, they are in every city and in every country, and often they pass incognito because they are so passable that when you cross one in the street, you can’t tell she is not a real girl. A guy who wants to find a real girl will have no problem going to a bar, a club or a mall and start talking to the girls he likes, he will usually have no surprise. But if you are looking for a ladyboy, it’s much more complicated! Can you spot the one or two transgenders who are hanging out in the mall this afternoon, amongst the two thousands people here? Impossible! And not all the transgenders hang out in gay bars. Actually, a big part of them stay away from the LGBT community, and don’t like the idea of being categorised as such. Thus, the solution is to turn yourself to a dating website, specialised for ladyboys.

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Who are the ladyboy lovers

If there is misunderstanding and questioning (and of course discrimination) towards ladyboys, there is not less for the MEN who like LADYBOYS. Yes, ladyboys are enigmatic, intriguing and exciting creatures. They arouse the curiosity of a lot of people who are not familiar with the culture of transgenders. In the mind of the quidam, they’re a source of misunderstanding, incomprehension, and sometimes they even shock! But the same goes for the men who like them. They’re actually many (more than you could think!), but only a few admit it openly, like I do. My friends and family know about it, and I’m lucky enough to have open minded people around me to not suffer about it.

“Ladyboy lovers” arouse a lot of questions and incomprehension also! That’s the reason why most of them don’t dare to come up to the light with their special sexual orientation, or don’t want to commit because they feel shy or ashamed. Not that they really have a weak personality (or crudely: they don’t have balls!) but the society is making them that way. Of course some like ladyboys just for fun. But others are willing to get into a serious relationship with them, and are just stopped by the dogmas of the society which are against it.

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How to avoid ladyboy scammers

In a previous article, I was already addressing the topic of who are the ladyboy scammers. Now I am going to write some lines about what are my recommendations for avoiding to fall into a trap, saving yourself some money and avoiding you a heart breaking!

It’s kind of difficult to come out with some stats, telling what is the number of good ladyboys amongst all the population of ladyboys. 10%, 20%, 30% maybe? Based on my experience, I would say that not more than half of the global ladyboys can be considered well intentioned or genuine…

But let’s go back to the ladyboy scammers. Those who actually have no intention whatsoever to become your girlfriend when they’re chatting with you, those who are just running after your money, and don’t care about hurting your feelings, making you desperate or ripping you off! There are some early hints that can save you a heart breaking if you can see them on time!

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