7 reasons why you will love having a ladyboy girlfriend

Okay okay, the title is quite a bait to get you to read what follows. But the 7 reasons I give you come from the bottom of my heart, really, and have all been confirmed by experience and facts.

I feel like giving you my background a bit: my name is Simon, and if I make a list of all the girls I dated, and all the girlfriends I had in my life, well almost 90% of them were transsexual women. I never paid for sex, I never been to a libertinage club, I all dated them the good old way. And I always felt that I like transsexual women a lot more than I like real women, for many reasons, which I will tell you the 7 most important…

Reason #1: ladyboys are sexy

Come on, of course that’s the main reason for everybody (and more importantly for the “virgins” — meaning, those who haven’t had their first experience yet). We all like ladyboys because most of the time they are way more sexy than real girls. Because they are in direct competition with real girls and they start the race with a handicap, they give lots of efforts to be sexy and please men… and they succeed!

Reason #2: ladyboys are fun to be with

Ladyboys are usually open and fun people to be with. More than real girls, they might have common interests with you (football, cars, video games, and such…) They might like to drink and party a lot, they obviously like to dance (and be sexy on the dancefloor), they usually like to sing and/or play an instrument (and yeah they can have beautiful voices).

Reason #3: ladyboys know how to make a man happy

Sexually speaking, ladyboys know how to make a man happy, naturally. They know the male genital apparel as well as you do, and I must say that a real girl never gave me a better blow job than a ladyboy could give me. Because they’re similar to you, they can have a high sexual appetite, and that’s definitely a good reason to like ladyboys.

Reason #4: ladyboys are hype

Well, that might depend on the place where you live. But it’s just a matter of time! Transsexualism (and LGBT in general) is becoming a trend amongst the high society, the show biz and the “cool people”. Do you know how high is the LGBT population in San Francisco / Los Angeles? You can’t disagree that California is THE place for trendy/open/cool people, and this is exactly you can find the most LGBT people (transsexuals included). Talking about Europe, London, Berlin or Madrid are very cool places for transsexuals too!

Reason #5: ladyboys don’t get pregnant

I always do safe sex (and so should you! especially if you date LGBT people) but one good point in having a ladyboy girlfriend is that she will never get unexpectedly pregnant. If you decide to have a kid together someday, well, that will be a matured decision for the both of you while going to the adoption process, and not something unexpected!

Reason #6: ladyboys don’t have periods

Little detail that has its importance; ladyboys don’t have periods and are available full time for intimate moments 🙂

Reason #7: ladyboys are hard-working and down-to-earth

Another reason why I like ladyboys is because they are very down-to-earth. Starting life with a disadvantage is not easy. Being able to fill up that gap and becoming a complete woman (and even possibly better woman than the average real women) is an impressive performance and I admire this. It requires hard-work, it requires to defeat the challenges and fight against discrimination and such… That makes ladyboys down-to-earth people who know better than anybody that life is a bitch, but are strong enough to overcome the difficulties. Of course, there are exceptions.

If we summarise quickly, I would say that ladyboys meet the best of both worlds. They have everything that real girls have, they are feminine, sexy, and all… And they also feature many good aspects of the male personality which make it more pleasant to be with a ladyboy than to be with a real girl.

And you, what are your reasons to like ladyboys? Have you ever experienced being with a ladyboy or are you willing to make the first step towards it? Comments are open!

French young man living in the Philippines with my ladyboy girlfriend. I wrote a book about my experience on dating trans women here https://howtodatealadyboy.com and I created the first decent dating site for trans women there https://myladyboydate.com

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46 thoughts on “7 reasons why you will love having a ladyboy girlfriend

  1. i Like ladyboys ( there are 6 reasons for it, as you tell), but i ADMIRE ladyboys ( there is the 7 reason Reason #7: ladyboys are hard-working and down-to-earth ). To like is the first stpe for the love…but admiration is the last step…I can like a lot of ladyboys,,,,but logically i will choose and marry to ladyboy who more adimires…Ah…Fiona is wonderfull..do you believe?

  2. I agree with you. They are sexy some have seen until told me would not have known were ladyboy. I have yet to experience a ladyboy am working on IR. Nice article.

  3. Just wish to find someone real for long tern relationship, as my friend Simon suggested his blog which he said might help so we shall see what life, time and destiny will bring me this time.

    • Thanks Audrey 🙂

      Guys, just keep updated to the blog to see Audrey’s special interview and know more about her and what she is looking for (which is serious relationship, no players please!). To be released during the week 🙂 Stay tuned!

    • Mmm these are the general features I can find about the ladyboys I’ve met and known, they might be not true for everybody though!

  4. I cannot judge on everything you have written here yet, but I see everything as a decisive factor for me, hetero, to take that step and go live with a shemale. Fun article, great site!

  5. im a ladyboy..and im so happy reading this article,,whoever made this,,,YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL…hehe..I JUST HOPE MY EX BOYFRIEND IS READING THIS…

    • I am just advocate of rights equality 🙂 And I feel pretty concerned, as my girlfriend is a ladyboy herself. I wouldn’t say I am an angel, but thanks!

  6. i am happy to read this a message from you Dear.. your such a wonderful and very kind for all ladyboy like me…. thnks so much for being there and give us support avoiding descrimantion… keep your time and good job… god bless you!!!

    • Le paradis des ladyboys est en Asie bien sur (Thailand, Philippines) mais on trouve aussi des Asiatiques immigrés en France, en Allemagne, Angleterre et Espagne (si tu vis près d’une frontière). Allemagne parce que les gens sont tolérants, Angleterre et Espagne car les lois pour les transsexuelles sont très ouvertes.

      Jette un oeil à LBK, tu peux trouver (créés un compte gratuit): http://howtodatealadyboy.com/lbk

  7. i agree with u..i am ladyboy,,,cute ladyboy hehe……I fine a boyfriend to love and care about me….i am from sarawak MALAYSIA

    • I live in Malaysia and looking for a LB as well.. :-)…

      For the article, well written Simon and all good reasons to go in that direction. Personally, I’m very open towards dating a LB if it feels right, having lived in Thailand before for a number of years, its pretty much impossible not to meet LB’s in large numbers if you have any social life at all and likes to get to know local people – many locals has or know of some of their friends who are friends with LB’s.

      I’ve never been in a longer relationship with a LB, mainly due to my own doubts about the person’s reasoning for the interest in me (money etc.. ).

      For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being with a LB and are looking to try it out, just relax and let it happen just in the same way you would date or have sex with a 100% generic girl and you’ll be just fine 🙂

      Cheers, Tim

    • Well said Tim, you well summarised the two big issues in dating ladyboys:
      – guys should not fear anything and date them like genetic girls, that doesn’t set any problem
      – we can’t be sure if we’re going to be ripped off or not lol

  8. I do not know, I have make love that once with a woman, and I did not find that well, but I am not “a homosexual” to .Peut-be that a very beautiful ” ladyboy ” ( Areeya), would make love to me!

    • Write in French and I’ll translate for you if you want Christophe 🙂 The best way to communicate with ladyboys is to speak English though, unless you want to learn Thai and one of the many dialects from the Philippines ahahah

  9. I’ve been with my transsexual girlfriend in the Philippines for 6 years but still have problems consummating our relationship. I wish in the future we can have a beautiful future together.

    • Hi Darrel, can you tell me more about your story? Am much interested 🙂 6 years is the hell of an experience, it’s 3 years more than I!

    • You Sir are a seriously close minded man who hasn’t passed in the 21st century yet.

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  11. Reason 8?
    I like to think that when I date a Ladyboy, she is really interested in men, and maybe even me, with all my defects! A LB who has spent all that time preparing her clothes, makeup, and hair, building an alter ego personality and life style she must really want a man! Whereas a typical female, even in a pickup bar, what with all the 30 years of feminist brainwashing, may not really be interested in men, but maybe only some ulterior agenda.

  12. Huh, that would be fun. Especially when I’d be enjoying my manhood with watching sports, listening and having political talks, etc. I know that they have spirits of women in them, but they are probably fun to go out with I assume. 🙂

  13. reason 6,
    Ladyboys dont have periods, no, a ladyboy on hormones can be constantly have the same ups and downs as any woman in the wrong time of her period. It is ok if you realize this but I would omit no 6.

  14. I pretty much agree with your 7 reasons. I have been in a relationship with a ladyboy for a year and never been happier. I met her in the Philippines last year, spent 4 months together every hour of everyday and we were like best friends but more. I am a U.S. citizen in France for a while and she will be coming here next week.
    Just to expound a little on your 7 points for men who doubt and maybe are not sure about being with a ladyboy. It truly is the best of both worlds and I have been in both. Ladyboys are more adventurous than women and can adapt quickly to any situations like a guy can. They don’t freak out when faced with challenges, they don’t get overly emotional about trivial things. I have to say it’s like being with your best buddy in high school, you always want to be with them. They’re fun to be with.
    Sexually, all I will say is that it’s incredible. You know when they are aroused and satisfied and they will want to satisfy you.
    So, guys don’t be afraid but don’t be stupid about it either. There are those out there that will just play games with you and tell you stories in order for you to send money to them. If it happens cut and run right away no matter how beautiful she may be. There are so many beautiful ladyboys in the Philippines and Thailand that are sweet and honest people who just want a secure relationship.
    I am blessed to have met my LBGF, she is a terrific person, kind, caring and beautiful.

    • What a lovely story. I am in a long distance relationship with a beautiful Thai ladyboy, whom I have known for 4 years. At first I did not know she was an LB, she had no breasts or anything, and I was of the assumption she was just a gay guy. A few months after meeting (my 2nd visit to see her) I fell in love, and when I discovered she was a LB I was somewhat shocked, and felt uncomfortable (I am bi) but my love was too strong, and I quickly overcame that fear or whatever it may be called. I love her so deeply and am always sad I cannot see her other than when I visit Thailand, but course we chat every day on the phone and video call, whenever I see a ladyboy in my own country (Australia) I always give her the eye, because they are attractive, they are real beautiful human beings, and I feel blessed that I have one to take care of

  15. I would love so much to have a serious romantic relationship with a ladyboy,but i have some concerns like: do they get so easy angry like generic girls?are they gelous like generic girls,or it depends?do they are more open in lets say new ideas to experiment in the bedroom? and the final one: how natural the things go,when it comes down to sex,i think u know what i mean in “how natural thigs go”?

    • Hi Stefan, thanks for your message 🙂 I think ladyboys don’t get so easy angry more than genetic girls (but not less either!). On one hand they don’t have periods, on the other hand most of them are under Hormone Replacement Therapy which is known to have an impact on one’s mood. So really, it depends!

      From my experience, ladyboys are very open to try new things in bed, way more than the genetic girls I used to know (well, most of them were French girls, who are notoriously cold, so maybe my sample is biased!).

      Not sure what you mean by “how natural things go”, but things go pretty natural between me and my girl 🙂

  16. Nice article.

    I like ladyboys too. I wish I could have a girlfriend ladyboy, but there are no such people in the country I live.

    My first experience was not very good. She cheated me and took my money, so I didn’t have sex. She was aggressive.
    I was more careful the second time and the girl was lovely. She picked me at the bar herself and took me to her place. She was not aroused since she was on some sort of medicine. All in all, it was the best sex compare to the real girls.

    Looking forward to a new experience.

    • Hi Nari,

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah Russia looks like an unfriendly place for trans people (at least from the outside, it’s how I see it). Best of luck in your search of a ladyboy girlfriend, mentalities might evolve, we never know. Or you can do like me, and relocate to Asia 🙂 it’s a bit extreme, but for some people it works ahah

  17. I agree in most of the 7 reasons

    I love ladyboys and for the last 10 years I only dated ladyboys and are married whit one since 2011 that was my girlfriend for a couple of years before that.

    I am a true ladyboylover but there are things you need to be awere of there are also drawbacks when it comes to ladyboys I´m not going to write about the benefits you already have them in the “7 reasons”.

    What you first need to accept if you planning to have a long term or maybe a life long relationship whit a ladyboy are the genetic disadvantages they have compared to genetic girls for example hair loss that likely comes whit age (I know you can delay that by eating androcur , cyproteronacetat, but the side effects that many will have is reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, tiredness so this is not a option for all). The hair loss might not be a big issue for you if you love somebody but for your girl it is.
    You need to be strong and you must ignore all the ignorant people you going to meet, some will stare, some will ask stupid questions, some of your friends might reject you and some people will despise you. On the other hand I had more positive feedback from people in general then negative and this is also depending on where you are going to settle down geographically, let me say it´s easy in Bangkok but will be harder in Moscow.

    I do not want to glorify ladyboys they are overrepresented when it come to prostitution and i think that is sad because I know many of them can do so much better.
    Do not forget that “Because they’re similar to you, they can have a high sexual appetite, and that’s definitely a good reason to like ladyboys” this is a fact and another fact is that some much likely will have sex behind your back whit another man.

    ”Reason #5: ladyboys don’t get pregnant” There is a possibility that you sooner or later want to have your own children and don´t want to adopt ( this depends on your own personal situation maby you already have kids from another relationship ).
    Nr 5 i do not understand as a reason why you want a ladyboy girlfriend and i must say this is condescending, if the pupose is treating them as sex toys then it´s a good thing.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for your comment and your insights. We both have 10 years of “experience”, but your married life is probably giving you a different type of “knowledge”.

      I agree with everything you write. Living in the Philippines, we are not very concerned about the stupid stares or negative reactions of the people.

      If I had to rewrite this article in 2015, I’m not sure if I would include reason 5 anymore actually… In my 20s, making my girlfriend unexpectedly pregnant was a concern. Now I am reaching my 30s, and my concern is becoming quite the opposite: how are we gonna have kids?

    • Si tu as l’âme d’un baroudeur, tu peux vivre en Asie pour pas cher. J’ai un ami Italien qui vit à Manille avec sa copine ladyboy, loue un 2 pièces pour 300 euros par mois, avec piscine et gym, à côté d’un grand centre commercial. Il travaille sur Internet (je ne pense pas qu’il fasse plus de 1 000 euros par mois). Sans faire d’excès, la vie ne coute pas trop cher ici.

      Pour l’anglais par contre, il va falloir apprendre!

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